20% increase in apartment prices in Shiraz / Which neighborhoods became more expensive?

According to Tejarat News, according to the advertisements for the sale of apartments in Shiraz, a list of the average purchase price of apartments in Shiraz along with the percentage change in their prices in the past year has been obtained.

According to the table below, Shahid Beheshti town and Atlasi neighborhood in Shiraz were accompanied by a 20% increase in housing prices in the past year. These two neighborhoods recorded the highest price increase among the different neighborhoods in the table below.

Housing prices in Eram neighborhood in December 1400 with an increase of 16.5 percent compared to last year reached an average rate of 28 million tomans per square meter.

The Tachara neighborhood has seen a 14 percent increase in prices over the past year. The average purchase price of housing in this neighborhood has reached 21.9 million Tomans.

In the advertisements for the sale of Divar apartments, in the past year, the prices of Rishmak, Sattar Khan and Siraj towns increased by about 10%.

Which neighborhoods became cheaper?

In one-year housing price returns in Shiraz, none of the neighborhoods in the table below had price reductions.

However, in the monthly return of housing prices from November 1400 to December, Atlas neighborhoods had the highest price decrease with a decrease of 7% and Eram with a decrease of 4%.

The city of Sadra and the town of Imam Reza recorded a lower price increase from December 1999 to December 1400 with a five percent increase in the purchase price of apartments.

Also, the armored neighborhood with the one percent increase in apartment prices among the neighborhoods in the table below has recorded the lowest price increase.

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