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Laziness is forbidden! / Sardar Soleimani advises children and teenagers

Life group: More than anyone else, it is necessary for the next generation to get acquainted with Soleimani’s school and the behavior of Hajj Qasim, and to put the words and deeds of Sardar at the forefront of their lives. The text you read below is a memoir of Sardar Soleimani written in simple language for children and adolescents.

“Sardar Soleimani did not like lazy people. He worked and played sports since he was a child. Haj Qasim wanted to fight the enemies of Islam and Iran. He knew that if his body was weak, he could not defeat his enemies. Haj Ghasem went to a karate and bodybuilding club in Kerman and was able to become a coach in this field after a while. A few years ago, with the help of the people, he built a gym for their village.

Some time later, a sports competition was held in the same hall. When the competitions were over, Sardar came to the gym. He spoke to the children and said, “I am happy that you are exercising. If you do not exercise, you will become lazy. “A lazy person always fails in his work.”

After the talks, he gave a prize to the champion team of a trip to Mashhad and other gifts to the others. “Then he took a group photo with the children.”

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