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54% increase in banks’ payment facilities to economic sectors

The share of payment facilities for working capital of the industry and mining sector in the 12 months of this year was equal to 6 thousand 951 thousand billion rials (6.951 / 9 thousand billion rials), which indicates the allocation of 35.9% of the resources allocated to Working capital of all economic sectors is 19 thousand and 378 thousand billion rials (19,378 / 6 thousand billion rials).

It can be seen that out of 8 thousand 979 thousand billion Rials (6.979 / 6.000 billion Rials) payment facilities in the industry and mining sector, equivalent to 77.4% of the amount of 6 thousand 951 thousand billion Rials (6.951 / 9 thousand billion Rials) Working capital has been paid, which indicates the attention and priority given to the provision of resources for this sector by banks this year.

It is worth noting that in the continuation of the current path, considerations related to controlling inflation should also be taken into account, and one should always be careful about the strength of inflation potential due to the pressure of aggregate demand in the economy. Accordingly, it is necessary to increase the financial capacity of banks by increasing the capital and improving the capital adequacy of banks, reducing non-current facilities and returning them to the correct path of bank lending, increasing bank productivity in providing working capital, avoiding double pressures on bank assets and Encouraging manufacturing companies to the capital market as an important tool in financing economic (creative) projects paid special attention.

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