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59% increase in the value of stock exchange transactions

According to Fars News Agency’s economic correspondent, the capital market grew today, while the outflow of money from the stock market was again significantly reduced, and this issue, along with the reduction of bank interest rates, could rise next week for shareholders, but in the meantime Power outages in some stock exchange industries are due to rising electricity consumption, a new stock market risk in the days when shareholders are looking for positive news to bring their money into the stock market.

In other words, one of the challenges of the stock market industry last summer was energy supply. In 1400, with the onset of the summer season, the country faced a problem with electricity supply, which led to a reduction in working hours and sometimes the closure of some industrial units. This year, with the start of the summer season, some industrial units are going to be closed, which is a big risk for these companies and their shareholders.

* Power outages New stock market risk

Reza Golestankhah, a capital market expert, said in an interview with Fars News Agency economic reporter: The closure of companies in the capital market after the closure of industries, quickly affected the stock prices of these companies and caused losses to shareholders.

He continued: “It seems that in the coming months, the stock exchange industries will face this problem, which will be one of the stock market risks in the summer of 1401.”

* Growth of stock performance indicators

During trading on Wednesday, the total stock index increased by 4,911 units compared to Tuesday, reaching 1,520,298 units. The return of this positive index has been 32 percent.

The overall stock market index also stood at 421,401 units with a growth of 2,335 units. The return of this index was positive 56 percent. The total OTC index also increased by 108 units and was at the level of 20,946 units.

* Reduce the outflow of real money from the stock market

Today, the net worth of legal ownership change became negative for the fourth day in a row; Of course, the outflow of money has decreased by 44% compared to the previous day, and the amount withdrawn was 249 billion tomans of real money from the stock exchange.

The groups of banks and credit institutions, “chemical products and petroleum products and coke had the largest share of real capital outflows, and the group of other non-metallic mineral products also recorded the largest inflow of money in their names.

In Wednesday’s trading, the largest outflows of real money were allocated to shares of WebMelt (Bank Mellat), Family (National Iranian Copper Industries Company) and Saman (Bank Saman), and the symbols of Kayzad (French Yazd), Steel (Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan) and Dedana (Pharmacy). Dana) had the most real money inflows.

* Growth of the total value of capital market transactions

Today, the value of total stock market transactions increased to 14 thousand and 90 billion tomans, which shows a growth of 59 percent compared to Tuesday. The value of bond transactions in the secondary market was five thousand and 561 billion tomans, which is 40% of the total value of capital market transactions.

At the end of today’s trading, the value of small stock transactions decreased by 13% compared to the previous business day and reached 3,252 billion tomans, which is the lowest figure this year. The share of these transactions in the total capital market transactions was 23%.

* Reduce stock market sales queues

During trading on Wednesday, 211 shares on the stock exchange and 74 symbols on the OTC market rose in price and the shares of 49 companies remained in the buying queue. On the other side of the market, 133 symbols on the stock exchange and 71 shares on the OTC market depreciated and 9 shares were on the sell line.

At the end of today’s trading, the value of the final sales queues of the market decreased by 20% compared to the previous working day and reached 70 billion Tomans. The value of shopping queues also increased by 58% compared to the end of the previous working day and stood at 177 billion tomans.

Today, the symbols of AsiaTek (AsiaTek Data Transmission Company), Dedana (Dana Pharmaceutical Company) and Fazer (Azar Ab Industries Company) had the highest purchase queue.

Most of the market sales queues at the end of trading belonged to Energy 1 (Energy Exchange Financial Institutions), Vazar (Azerbaijan ‌‌ Development ‌ Investment), Fasazan (Sepahan Rollers’s), Mihan (Homeland Insurance) and Nemrino (Iran ‌ Merino ‌).

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