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The case of the violating petrochemicals goes to the judiciary

According to Fars News Agency, Ali Selajgeh, head of the Environmental Protection Organization at the National Conference of Marine Science and Technology of Iran, which was held today (June 17) focusing on the marine environment and wetlands in Bandar Mahshahr, expressed his condolences on the martyrdom of environmentalists: Tribune It does not cost much to catch and talk, but it is very valuable to practice what is said.

He added: There are 5,800 kilometers of water lines in Iran, of which 4,900 kilometers are in the south of the country and 900 kilometers in the north of the country.

Saying that Iran is among the top 20 countries with biodiversity, Selajgeh said: “In 2013, Iran was among the countries with the world’s biodiversity super.”

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency stated: “On average, about 40,000 ships and oil tankers cross the Persian Gulf annually.” 40% of the world’s energy reserves are in Iran. 23% of the world’s energy production is done in this region.

“We will send a gas pipe from this side and added value will be created, but with a wastewater pipe, all areas will be destroyed,” Selajgeh said.

“We are not bound by international conventions because we have a rich culture based on religious teachings and indigenous knowledge,” he said. From 1,400 years ago, we knew water and soil as purifiers.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency said: “If 50 years ago the world came to the conclusion that an environmental organization should be created, we already had this organization and only a change in its name has been made.”

Selajgeh said: in interaction with the world, we must raise our culture; The keywords that enter our culture sometimes create deviations in our culture that we do not allow.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization said: There are great God-given blessings in the Persian Gulf, 270 km off the coast of Khuzestan. We want sustainable environmental sustainability and excellence. Today the environment is interactive; In the High Council for the Environment, the president said that where there is a need for confrontation, we must stand firm.

Selajgeh said: Mahshahr special zone is guaranteeing and repairing the country’s economy, but did the people of Mahshahr not have another job before? In one of the provinces, during a visit to a lead and zinc mine, I asked its director how many tons of soil are mixed in order to extract one ton of lead and zinc? He said 30 people, which according to surveys was at least 40 people. A ton of lead and zinc cost about $ 1,600, but an animal in the area cost $ 40,000. So we have to see what we have lost and what we have gained.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency said: “When the industry is loaded in this area, it is not an honor to create thousands of hectares of greenery, because if this is not done, the residents of the area will face problems.”

He blamed the Environment Organization for throwing the whole country off the roof once and believed in the playground, adding: “This government inherits the issues that have happened in environmental issues.” This government has not done anything and is only trying to organize part-time projects.

Saying that we should see what capital the petrochemical activity has destroyed in Mahshahr region, Selajgeh clarified: The director general of environmental protection of Khuzestan and my deputies should make an economic evaluation to see how the environmental diversity of this region has been and is now? We have to see what the hectares of lands that were chemically grown but were converted to oxygen and had suitable conditions for the people, as well as the polluted seas, used to be and what have become now.

He added: “Razi Petrochemical has caused air and water pollution in Mahshahr, and these issues have been raised with the head of the judiciary, who stated that the cases of companies that have not fulfilled their obligations should be sent to the judiciary immediately and should not be investigated in Khuzestan.”

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency said: “Prices should be priced and we should see what we have lost and what we have gained with these measures.” Development must be ongoing, but it is a worthy development that is knowledge-based and we stand firm in this regard.

Selajgeh stated: The Ministry, especially the Minister of Oil, has stated that no development project will be started without an environmental permit.
Emphasizing on paying attention to and acting on social responsibilities with the focus on knowledge-based companies, he stated: If other parts of Khuzestan have problems with the influx of dust, the water and soil of Mahshahr port are also disappearing.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, referring to the pollution of water resources through ship traffic and the activities of industries, said: “Plastic industries are also causing pollution, and one of the problems is the issue of plastics.”

“All agencies are obliged to perform their duties in order to protect the environment,” Selajgeh said. Previously, the issue of economic or military security was discussed in the world, but later in the post-Crown era, the issue of environmental security overshadowed the world.

He said that industry and environment managers should work together to solve problems, adding: “Governments refer themselves to other powers when they can not solve the problem in their collection.”

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization, emphasizing on untying the knots of artisans based on the observance of environmental requirements, said: In the board of the environment government, the issue is first class. Today, bringing industry and the environment together is a very good atmosphere, and we are moving in the direction of these two saying the same thing.

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