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A decrease of 10968 units in the Tehran Stock Exchange index

According to the economic reporter of Fars news agency, Tehran Stock Exchange Today, it was in a downward trend and the total index at the end of trading reached the figure of 1 million 408 thousand 171 units with a retreat of 10 thousand 968 units.

Also, the total index with the equal weight criterion reached 398 thousand 815 units with a decrease of 3 thousand 10 units. The market value of Tehran Stock Exchange reached more than 5 million 211 thousand billion tomans.

Today, traders in Tehran Stock Exchange traded more than 6.5 billion pre-emptive shares and financial bonds in the form of 326,000 transactions worth 3,677 billion tomans.

All stock market indices turned red today. to the cheekThe total index and the price index decreased by 0.77 percent with a weighted-value approach, these two indices decreased by 0.75 percent, the free floating index decreased by 0.88 percent, the first market index decreased by 1 percent, and the second market index decreased by 0.51 percent. The percentage dropped.

Today, the symbols of Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery, Meli Mes, Chadormello, Isfahan Oil Refinery, Mobarakeh Steel, Shasta and Golgohar respectively have had the greatest decreasing effect on the stock market index.

At OTC Today, the situation in Iran was not very clear. At the end of trading, the total index decreased by 103 points and reached 18,420 points.

First and second market value OTC Iran reached more than one million and three thousand billion tomans. Base market value OTC It reached 329 thousand billion tomans.

Today, traders traded more than 3.8 billion pre-emptive shares and financial bonds in the form of 180,000 transactions worth 72,647 billion tomans.

Of course, it is necessary to remember that according to the routine of Mondays, today is also in the form of operations marketer More than 766 million government debt securities were traded in the form of 116 transactions worth 68 thousand and 414 billion tomans between the banking network, only the figures of which are listed in the stock exchange, otherwise the sale of shares in OTC There were 2.5 billion sheets in the form of 166 thousand transactions and a value of 1175 billion tomans. Islamic financial bonds were worth 2 thousand 328 billion tomans.

Today, Zagros Petrochemical Symbol has the biggest increase in the index OTC and unlike the symbols of Ariassol Polymer, Iranian Ghadir Steel, Tendgovian Petrochemical, OTC Iran, Shiraz Oil Refining and Damavand Power, respectively, have the greatest decreasing effect in the index OTC have left behind.

According to Fars report, risk and volatility are part of the essence of the capital market, and investors must consult, analyze and study before buying and selling.

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