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A happy new version with key features was unveiled

30 September 1400 at 18:01

A new happy version or student education network has been unveiled. This program will have many capabilities, including the possibility of group conversations.

The new happy version was unveiled today, September 21, 1400, during a ceremony at the Ministry of Education. The ceremony was attended by Mehdi Akhavan Bahabadi, CEO of Hamrah Aval, as well as Alireza Kazemi, Acting Minister of Education.

The head of the Ministry of Education said during the ceremony that the unveiling of the new happy version in the current situation, which is not left until the beginning of the new school year, is a happy place and Hamrah Aval Company has played a significant role in unveiling the new version of this application.

Kazemi further pointed out that in our opinion, the first mobile company is an integral member of the education system, and said that the design and development team of Shad application should be especially appreciated and thanked. One of the most important successes that the country has achieved since the beginning of Corona learning is the happy application. It should be noted that the happy application will continue to help the education system after the end of Corona.

During the unveiling ceremony of the new version of Shad, the CEO also said that the mobile communication company did its best to provide the required infrastructure for Shad and did this job well, and that serving the servants is one of the best. These are divine blessings that fortunately we were not deprived of.

Ability to use the new happy version at the same time as the beginning of the new school year

He continued that the new happy version will be ready to be used at the beginning of the new academic year with the benefit of more features. It should be noted that the first mobile subscribers can use this application without paying any money. Regarding the Shad Monitoring Center, Bahabadi said that the Shad Monitoring Center had recently received the head of the Ministry of Education and that he was fully aware of all the capacities of this center, whose task is to solve happy problems as soon as possible.

Regarding the latest decision of the High Council of Cyberspace, the CEO of Hamrah Aval Company also stated that we will soon issue a call to gather experts as well as startups that are skilled in designing and providing services related to the education space so that we can provide their services. To enter the Shad platform legally. We would also like to thank the Ministry of Education for providing valuable virtual services during the Corona learning era.

What features does the new version of Shad app have?

The newly unveiled happy version will be available with new features such as the addition of a happy search engine, the possibility of group conversations to increase the speed of communication between students and teachers, the design of a new user interface with the aim of staying and attending as much as possible Students and special management dashboards are among them to monitor school quality as much as possible by school principals.

According to Mohammad Amin Abtahi, the authorized representative of the CEO of the first company in the Shad project, the Shad program has managed to reach a record of 403 Gbps. To date, some 47 billion messages and 17 billion files have been uploaded to the platform. In addition, 86% of students, 98% of teachers and 99% of principals are involved in the program. Also, 24 million people have installed this program so far, and this program receives one million voice and video calls from users daily.

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