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Active presence of teenagers in the implementation of 13 Aban programs – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

Ali Janbaz, the cultural deputy of the Union of Islamic Associations, in a conversation with Mehr reporter about the special programs of this union today on the occasion of the 13th of Aban anniversary and the capture of the spy nest, said: until the 20th of Aban پویش the anthem ایرانیون This union continues. Yesterday, we arrived at the President’s presence in line with the plans for these days.

He continued: The programs of 13 Aban from 10 am in front of the spy nest with the presence of about a thousand knowledge Learn Secondary school begins. Children to read the anthem ایرانیون And from a hymn about Step The second of the Islamic Revolution will also be unveiled.

The veteran stated: In Friday prayers های This anthem will be sung all over the country Visit the children It has become more active with the Friday Imam these days, and with the coordination made, the Friday prayers of the next two weeks will be with the more active presence of teenagers.

The cultural deputy of the Union of Islamic Associations stated: “Another thing we did was to turn the oral history of the Iranian student movements into a hundred books, which will also be unveiled today.”

He continued: Part One of today’s activities is the presence of students in the big gathering on 13 Aban, and the other part is the booths that we have from the students’ structures, which have about 200 hands. Structure Prepared with the content of the manifestations of arrogance and decline of America and will be shown again today.

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Veteran said in the end, generally holding Webinars The student movement, joint programs with imams in mosques, marches and gatherings in compliance with health protocols, and the production of media content in the form of caravans of anthems will be among the student activities on this great day.


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