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Alert on the spread of “monkey pox” in the United States

The outbreak of monkey pox in the United States has prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to raise the alert level to two in the United States, as a warning message to IRNA, IRNA reported on Wednesday. It is the American people who have to take care of themselves when traveling.

Hill writes: So far, 110 confirmed cases of monkey pox have been registered in the United States.

States where monkey pox has been reported and tested positive; Arizona one case, California 24 cases, Colorado five cases, Florida 10 cases, Georgia three cases, Hawaii five cases, Illinois 15 cases, Maryland one case, Massachusetts one case, New York 21 cases and according to the New York City Health Department 25 cases. The positives are Ohio, one, Oklahoma two, Oregon one, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island one, Texas one, Utah two, Virginia one, Washington two, and Washington DC four. Are.

“No deaths from monkey pox have been reported in the United States so far, but efforts are being made to identify and vaccinate people with the disease or those who are exposed to it,” Hill wrote.

The first case of monkey pox in the US military

According to IRNA, the first case of monkey pox was reported among American soldiers at the US military base in Stuttgart, Germany.

CNN reported on June 20, 1401: A spokesman for the US Command in Europe told the news network that one of the soldiers on duty at the US military base in Stuttgart, Germany, was the first US soldier to suffer from Monkey pox has been identified.

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) warned at a news conference in Geneva that monkey pox was becoming more prevalent in countries outside Africa.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, Adrianum, warned at a news conference in Geneva on June 10, 1401 that it may not be easy to contain the global outbreak of the aphid virus, and that the risk of the disease in non-native countries is serious.

Since the beginning of May, the World Health Organization has registered more than a thousand cases of monkey pox in 29 countries outside Africa.

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