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Amazon lays off 18,000 employees

According to the report of the International Economy Group of Fars News Agency, quoted by Reuters, Andy Jassi, the CEO of Amazon, said that the executive has announced that he will lay off 18,000 employees of the company, which was previously announced.

He said the layoff decisions, which Amazon will announce starting Jan. 18, two weeks from now, will largely affect the company’s e-commerce and human resources organizations.

This reduction is 6% of Amazon’s workforce of 300,000 people.

Amazon employs more than 1.5 million workers, including warehouse workers, making it America’s second-largest private employer after Walmart.

Douglas Harper, spokesman for Spain’s largest trade union, the CCOO, criticized what he said was a complete lack of information from the company.

“We don’t know how this will affect us in Spain,” Harper told Reuters. We can assume that this is the first step and we have no information about the next steps, we don’t even have statistics and data in this field.”

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