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An old habit that no longer works! / How to protect the phone battery?

Life group: In the age of acid batteries, one of the technical points about charging the battery was that it was said: first the battery should be completely discharged and then we should connect it to the power supply for charging.

This is true of the age of acid batteries, which has nothing to do with today’s lithium-ion batteries.

Today, with phones with non-replaceable batteries, the most common hazard that threatens the life cycle of your mobile phone is reduced battery performance or malfunction.

Let go of some bad habits!
1. Do not let the phone battery run out.
۲. Do not allow the battery to fully charge.
3. Get rid of the habit of charging your phone completely overnight.
4. Do not charge the phone while using it, or do not use it while it is charging. (The battery must either be increasing its charge or while consuming its charge, doing it at the same time will greatly reduce the battery life.)

Heat is the most stubborn enemy of the battery; Seriously protect your phone and battery from heat.

The best way to charge a cell phone battery is to keep it in the range of 30 to 80%; Recharge the battery several times, but keep the charge in this range, and whenever you need it, first disconnect the charge and charge it after reuse; In this case, your mobile phone battery will have the longest possible life.

Do not forget 30 to 80.

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