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Apple is cutting production of the iPad to improve the supply of chips to the iPhone 13 series

Apple has reduced the production of its iPads in order to improve the production of its 13 series iPhones by using their chips in iPhones. The company was forced to reduce its share of the chips it used to make iPad tablets and use them to make more iPhones. Apple’s latest smartphones are producing less than expected due to a reduction in the number of chips the company receives. Along چیکاو Be.

As a result, users who pre-purchase these phones will have to wait longer for their phone to be shipped. Now, Apple has decided to reduce the production of the iPad, use the chips allocated to that segment to produce more iPhone 13 phones, so that with the production and release of the latest generation of iPhones, the waiting time of users who pre-purchase these devices , Reduce.

According to Nikkei Asia, sources close to the matter revealed that the production of the iPad has decreased by 50% compared to its initial plans in the last two months. The decline in iPad production has allowed the Cupertino-based giant to supply more chips and other needed components to the iPhone 13 series, which is in high demand around the world. It also shows that the company’s new iPads and iPhones have a number of components in common on both platforms.

Back panel of Apple iPhone 13 series - Chicago

In other words, the brand has fared better amid the global shortage of semiconductors because it can shift production from two different products to one. The reason the company is shifting production to the iPhone is probably due to stronger-than-expected demand for the latest generation of the company’s flagship handsets.

Although demand for iPads has been strong, what is more important for both the consumer and Apple is the supply of iPhones in the first place. Separate reports, meanwhile, have confirmed that Apple’s adoption of such a policy has resulted in shorter delivery times for the company’s handsets to customers.

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It is said that the shorter delivery times of the iPhone 13 family of smartphones were also due to the increased delivery of parts, as well as Apple’s decision to take the lead in manufacturing and producing iPhones, which the company preferred to receive more chips and other parts than iPads , To produce iPhones.

Currently, the average delivery time of the iPhone 13 mini worldwide has been reduced to 12 days, while the average waiting time for the standard iPhone 13 has been reduced to about 13 days.

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In addition, similarly, the waiting time for iPhone Pro delivery has been reduced to about 32 days, while the waiting time for users who have also pre-purchased the iPhone 13 Pro Max has been reduced to 37 days. .

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Although Apple is trying to minimize the waiting time for iPhones to be delivered to buyers, and is even sending the processors it plans to make to its new tablets to the smartphone segment to produce more phones, buyers’ waiting times To get these new Apple phones, it is even longer than the same period of waiting and receiving the iPhone 12.

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