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Applying party traffic restrictions for 10 kilometers of Ghadir from 14:00

Colonel Mohammad Razaghi, the deputy of traffic operations of the capital’s traffic police, in an interview with the police reporter of Fars news agency, regarding the latest situation of traffic restrictions in the 10-kilometer Ghadir party, said: “The capital’s traffic police officers are 100% active along Elginal street to Azadi from 11:00 a.m.” It has been deployed so that from 12:00 p.m., traffic restrictions will be imposed on the main route of Elkhebal St. from Imam Hossein (AS) Square to Azadi Square.

The deputy of traffic operations of the capital’s traffic police stated: From 2:00 p.m., complete restrictions on traffic have been established along El-Ghebanal street and the intersections connected to the roads leading to Imam Hussein (a.s.) to Azadi Square, and all vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, have been prohibited from moving. It is done.

Stating that the traffic on the bridges and underpasses is established, he noted that citizens can travel through the announced alternative routes.

Colonel Razaghi asked the citizens to cooperate with the traffic police officers regarding traffic restrictions.

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