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Arman Insurance’s CEO and vice presidents visited Urmia branch

According to the financial news report According to public relations of Arman Insurance, Majid Qalipour, CEO of Arman Insurance, along with Majid Habibi, Technical Vice President of Non-Life Insurance, and Hadi Rais Al-Zhakrin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, visited the Urmia branch on November 10, 2018, and closely met with Yacoub Naghipouran, Deputy Branch Vice President. And the personnel and representatives of West Azarbaijan met and discussed.

In this meeting, Qolipour talked about the latest status of Arman Insurance Company regarding the changes made, as well as the increase of the company’s capital and the payment of damages and arrears, as well as the development of sales plans for the management and employees of this branch.

In addition, Majid Habibi, technical vice president of non-life insurances, emphasized the sale of life and investment insurances, as well as attending training courses to improve the technical level of representatives.

Also, Hadi Rais Al-Zhakreen, Acting Vice President of Sales and Marketing, with an emphasis on increasing the level of expertise and knowledge of representatives in the field of sales and marketing, as well as providing retail programs, investigated the problems of representatives and the sales network in West Azarbaijan Province, which is among the priorities of Arman Insurance Company. is, payment.

In the end, the CEO of Arman Insurance reminded: We continue to pay special attention to the collection of claims, and we hope to have promising days ahead by equipping and setting up and expanding the branch of West Azerbaijan.

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