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Management changes in Mihan Insurance with the aim of organizing, dynamism and speeding things up

According to the financial news report According to the public relations of Mehen Insurance, in this meeting Seyedhadhi Sheikhul Islami, the CEO, announced the reform of the temporary organizational structure and internal processes based on the recent decision of the honorable members of the board of directors and said: based on the requirements of the upstream institutions and the stock exchange, the organizational structure and speed should be reformed Let’s improve the processes and advance the company’s affairs and organize the company with managerial changes.

Sheikh al-Islami considered the changes and transfers of a number of staff managers as a natural and necessary thing for the dynamics of this group and said: these changes were made with the aim of dynamism and speeding up the affairs of the company and the task of corporate governance, and it is in no way a sign of the inefficiency of a manager. While appreciating the members of the board of directors and the managers present in the meeting, he said: empowering the marketing department, which will operate in the form of an independent management and under the supervision of the CEO, is one of these changes, and the marketing and sales team is focused on attractive markets for the insurance body. The homeland will be centralized.

He added that in the new structure, the management of branches, marketing and sales network has been renamed to the management of branches and representatives and the management of marketing and sales; Another change is in the financial, economic and human capital development deputy, which was renamed to the financial, economic and planning deputy. He also announced the separation of human capital management and the support of financial and economic deputy and planning and said that this management will also function independently and under the executive management.

The CEO of Mihan Insurance said that this structure is temporary and the original and new structure, which is predicted and defined according to the company’s missions for the development of affairs, will be determined and announced after the appointment of new members of the board of directors.

In this meeting, Mr. Hamidi, chairman, and Mustafavi, a member of the board of directors, and Mr. Hemmati, a special inspector and consultant to the CEO, also expressed their opinions regarding the company’s status and organizational structure and evaluated these changes as necessary and positive for the company.

based on the new and temporary organizational structure; Mr. Ruholah Pouria was appointed as the vice president of finance, sales and planning, Siddmjatbi Karimi as the manager of branches and representatives, Rahmat Khosravi as the marketing and sales manager, and Mohammad Reza Mansouri as the manager of the Mihan Insurance Central Complex.

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