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Art experience needs to be reviewed after 8 years

According to Fars News Agency, a meeting was held with the presence of Mohammad Hamidi Moghadam, CEO of the Center for the Development of Documentary, Experimental and Animation Cinema, Hamed Shakibania, Deputy Director of Documentary, Mohammad Tayeb, Commercial Director of the Center, Babak Behdad and Hadi Afrideh, Document Maker, Amir Mehrizdan, Director of Soura Documentary Center. , Mehdi Motahar, producer and former director of “Documentary House” and Morteza Payashenas, documentary filmmaker, was held on Monday, May 26, at the Gostaresh Center.
Mohammad Hamidi Moghaddam said at the beginning of the meeting: “The Development Center is determined to fulfill this new responsibility in the best possible way with the full cooperation and cooperation of the Iranian cinema family and filmmakers.” Holding such meetings with artists, guild members and filmmakers is in line with the idea of ​​strengthening and increasing the quality of “art and experience” cinema screens.
Mehdi Motahar, the producer of the documentary field, referring to the need for advertisements to see the films of “Art and Experience”, said: “All capacities should be used to see the films. Continuous form of television occur. The establishment of the Audience Club is one of the new programs mentioned, the Audience Club can both review the successful films of the previous period, and screen new films. Certainly, the members of the club will enjoy the privileges and facilities.
Amir Mehrizdan said in another part of the meeting: the issue of budget and expenses for advertising should be pursued seriously and fundamentally. In our experiences in the field of screening, we came to the conclusion that the budget and attention to the cost of professional and efficient advertising, is significantly effective in attracting the audience. Sometimes you have to spend as much as a production budget to promote a movie.
Morteza Payehshenas referred to the subject of the audience in documentary cinema and said: The audience of documentary cinema is special, this being special does not mean being limited. Each documentary has its own special audience. We must allow the information of each film (tailored to its audience) to reach him. Targeted information confronts the audience of each film. Another issue that is important is the use of non-cinematic capacities. Collaboration with cultural, artistic centers, universities, etc. can involve a new range of audiences and documentary film enthusiasts in “art and experience” plays.
Hamed Shakibania said: “The Center for Development and” Art and Experience “provides filmmakers with some advertising facilities, but experience has shown that accompanying the production team of a film in the screening space is very important and helps to attract the audience and see the films.” With new offers, filmmakers can provide the ground for new experiences in the field of advertising, “art and experience” will be by their side to make the screening process easier.

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* Art experience needs to be reviewed after 8 years
Babak Behdad said: “Art and experience cinema screenings in the past period and during the eight years contained positive and good points, but after an eight-year period, it is necessary and necessary in addition to maintaining strengths to create better conditions than before.” Because this is the only way to screen and watch different, special and experimental films.
Hadi Afrideh said: the number of halls in Tehran does not have to be large. I had seen the film “Iran is my home” on the Internet, but when I found out that the Farabi Cinema Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, had screened it by the Institute of Art and Experience, I wanted to see the film on the cinema screen again, but No matter how much I searched, I did not find a good chance to see the movie. Why should the Art of Experience have several halls in Tehran but its chances be such that people can not plan to see the works? We have to consider a hall in Tehran to revive the “art and experience”, it may be that at first, this decision has opponents and they say that you have limited the screening, but the result will be order.
Behdad, the director of “Baharestan Khane Mellat”, said: “The films that are currently being screened in the” Art and Experience “cinema are mediocre films. My suggestion is that a committee of the best come together to select higher quality films for screening.” It may even be possible to screen some good foreign experimental films in order to warm up the art and experience.

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Mohammad Tayeb, the commercial director of the center, said in another part of the meeting: “The focus of screening time is one of the important issues in” Art and Experience “shows. . In the proposed program, the basic release time for all films will be two weeks and in regular and numerous sessions, and if the film is well received by the audience, the film will be extended in cinemas. Also, the possibility of film screenings after the end of the screening period, based on the mechanism that has been designed, will be possible for up to a year on a case-by-case basis and at the request of the audience.
The CEO’s expansion meetings with artists, filmmakers and guild representatives will continue in the coming weeks.

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