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The southern entrance of Yadegar Imam metro station was opened / Attempts to complete metro line 6 this year

According to the Fars News Agency’s urban correspondent, Massoud Dorsti stated on the sidelines of the operation ceremony of the southern entrance of Yadegar Imam metro station. Had: This inauguration cost more than 45 billion tomans, the relevant station was inaugurated in March 1999, but its second entrance had not been completed.

He added: “This year, we have extensive plans for the development of the metro in the capital, and our priority is to complete the previous lines, such as line 6.”

The CEO of Tehran Metro Company, pointing out that line 6 Subway It has two parts, north and south, he said.

Correctly stated: “Accordingly, by the end of the year, several stations will be launched in the northern middle part of Line 6, and our focus is on intersection stations such as the intersection station between lines 6 and one and lines 6 and 3.”

He pointed out: the intersection station for lines 6 and 1 will be in Haftir Square and the intersection station for lines 6 and 3 will be in Vali-e-Asr Square.

The CEO of Tehran Metro Company said about the features of the southern entrance of Yadegar Imam metro station: دوم The second entrance of Yadegar Imam station is located in Marzdaran street, the entrance of Yadegar Imam highway is to the south corner of Ebrahimi street, which from today the station can The opening of this entrance will play the role of an underpass on the main street, and this will increase the level of safety of pedestrians passing through Marzdaran Boulevard.

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Correctly pointed out: Simultaneously with the operation of the entrance of this station, two elevators and 4 escalators will be added to the previous equipment of the station. Also, the station is located at a depth of 30 meters above the ground and the elevators installed in the second entrance can move passengers directly from the entrance. It has the platform level.

He said: “Also, by adding 4 escalators to the equipment of the traffic station in all non-level routes inside the station, it is possible to use the escalator and the ability to move the passenger directly from the southern entrance to the platform level by two elevators installed, making it easier to use.” Provides people with physical disabilities from the Tehran metro network.

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