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Because of the oaks; Digi-Club users plan to support the heritage of Zagros

According to Fars News Agency, Users of the Digikala Customer Club, Digiklub, can join the “For the Oaks” campaign on World Environment Day and take practical steps to preserve and rehabilitate the Zagros forests.

This project is done in collaboration with the Elgen Foundation. The foundation has been implementing a project called “Zagros Watch” for some time. The most important goal of this foundation is the expansion and care of oak forests and other climate-friendly forest species. Another important goal is to educate the local people about living responsibly and creating effective awareness to improve their habitat.

Digikala has also decided to join the Algen Foundation and this project by playing a role in its social responsibility towards the environment, to support the indigenous people of the Zagros region, especially fire-prone areas.

The experience of the past years has shown that the main weakness in the occurrence of large fires in the oak forests of the Zagros is the inability to inform the local authorities and the difficulty of quickly accessing the equipment needed to extinguish the fire. In the plan, due to the oaks, with a preventive approach, monitoring centers in the Zagros highlands will be constructed and equipped with the necessary equipment for rapid fire control. The presence of these centers helps both local authorities and sources to be informed of the occurrence of fire faster, and with faster access to firefighting equipment in these centers, the distribution of equipment at the scene to local groups and faster volunteering.

How to participate in the project because of the oaks

Due to the oaks, DigiClub users can take part in one of the DigiClub missions to protect the destruction of thousands of oak trees. With the participation of DigiClub Customer Club users, items such as air blowers, suitable clothing and footwear, wireless, backpacks, gloves, sun hats, headlights, shovels, etc. are provided to equip monitoring centers so that in addition to faster fire control at the beginning of the fire, The spread of many of these incidents is prevented.

Through DigiClub, users can contribute more firefighting equipment at no extra cost by participating in the “For the Oaks” scheme and earning any of their points. After consolidating the concessions allocated to this project, Digikala will also provide the goods needed to equip the monitoring centers and send them to the Elgen Foundation.

Participate in the project because of the oaks

We recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the game.

Why should the forests of Zagros be preserved?

Zagros forests, dating back more than 5500 years, constitute 40% of Iran’s forests and are scattered in more than 11 provinces of the country. In recent decades, about one-sixth of the area of ​​these forests has been destroyed by successive fires.

The Zagros forests can be mentioned as an intergenerational heritage and national wealth because the Zagros forests, a population ecosystem of 10 million people and 80% of Iranian nomads, is home to more than half of the country’s livestock and wildlife unique to Iran. In addition, the Zagros forests supply 40% of the fresh water produced in the country and oak trees are one of the characteristics of this climate.

In memory of the lovers who burned at the foot of the oak forests

On September 23, 2016, Sharif Bajaur, an environmental activist, along with Omid Kohnehpooshi, Mohammad Pajoohi, and Rahmat Hakiminia, forest rangers in the Zagros region, set out to contain the fire in the pastures of Pileh and Selsi villages in Marivan, but the fire surrounded them and burned their bodies. These were not the only men who lovingly sacrificed their lives for the oak trees of this land; Previously, Mukhtar, Yasin and Bilal, members of the Zhiva Association in Paveh, Alborz Zarei, member of the Zagros Mountaineering Association, Seyed Mehdi Hosseini, Lordegan, etc. They were not written.

The death of these young people occurs due to the extent and frequency of fires and the lack of firefighting equipment in the country. The forests of the Zagros are exposed to widespread fires every year, and the equipment available in the country is not enough to solve this crisis.

Digikala hopes that with the public participation of the Iranian people, it will take a small step to support this precious and historical heritage of the country and, by taking a precautionary approach, will be able to provide local people with relative readiness to face this crisis.

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