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Comment of the Minister of Guidance on the licenses of the Home / Ismaili Show Network: We are looking to resolve the disputes

“Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili,” the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in an interview with a Fars News Agency radio and television reporter, said that the licensing of DVDs is by Satra or the Ministry of Guidance or Radio and Television: “In recent years, there have been disputes about this.” It has come and we are looking to solve it.

He continued: “For this reason, God willing, we will soon have meetings in the Radio and Television Organization and other organs to determine this issue and remove it from this disputed position.”

Ismaili also does not know whether the organization that wants to license VODs is still unknown? He stated: “It is clear why and now the cinema organization is in charge of this and some other friends have some of these licenses in their hands, which should be understood.”

He added: “The discussions are clear and almost all the institutions that have this issue have reviewed and presented fully expert reports and the work is completely ready and has been given to the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and will be assigned soon and within a short time.” شد.

In response to whether the role of radio will increase in this regard? He added: “We are going to raise this issue in constructive dialogues. We do not want to say anything about this in the media.”

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