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The first defendant in the “car key” case died of a heart attack

According to Fars News Agency, following the news of the death of “Meysam Rezaei”, a first-degree defendant of Moftah Khodro Company, he had a long history of addiction and drug use. He was sent to medical centers and received special medical care and died at Loghman Hospital in Tehran.

The case of Moftah Khodro Company is one of the most suspicious cases, which will not be closed with the death of the first-degree defendant; Rather, part of this case is under judicial review, and another part of it has been ruled.

Regarding the part of the case where the initial verdict was issued, the deceased defendant was sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined with about 1,600 plaintiffs and on charges of network fraud. The certainty of the sentence, the process of property rejection will be done by identifying the property in accordance with the regulations.

In the second case, an indictment has been issued with more than 70 plaintiffs and is being heard in the Ninth Branch of the Criminal Court of a Tehran province.

It is worth noting; The property of the deceased defendant will suffice for the rejection of his property if certain.

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