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Communicating the national registration of 9 cultural, historical and movable works to the governor of Zanjan

According to Aria Heritage, the text of Ali Darabi, Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, to Mohsen Afsharchi, Governor of Zanjan, states:

“In the implementation of the law on the preservation of national monuments, approved by the National Assembly in November 1309 and its executive regulations, approved by the Council of Ministers in 1311, paragraph” c “of the single article of the Law on the Establishment of Cultural Heritage Organization approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in February 1985 and paragraph six of Article Third Statute of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the country, approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in 1988, Article 22 of the By-Laws on the Protection of Cultural Heritage, approved by the National Security Council in 2002, Chapter 2 of the By-Laws on Management, Organization, Supervision and Support of Owners The steps for registering a cultural-historical movable work are announced as follows, after the necessary legal formalities have been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran:

1- Chehrabad salt mine vacuum cleaner in Zanjan (property number: 2222), registration number 2048, dated 1400/8/30,

2- Woolen belt piece of Chehrabad 1 salt mine, (property number: 2152), registration number 2049, dated 1400/8/30,

3- Woolen cloth piece of Chehrabad 2 salt mine (property number: 2153), registration number 2050, dated 1400/8/30,

4- Piece of woolen cloth of Chehrabad salt mine 3, (property number: 2154), registration number 2051, dated 1400/8/30,

5- Woolen cloth piece of Chehrabad salt mine 4, (property number: 2155), registration number 2052, dated 1400/8/30,

6- Woolen cloth piece of Chehrabad salt mine 5 (belt), (property number: 2156), registration number 2053, dated 1400/8/30,

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7- Woolen cloth piece of Chehrabad salt mine 6, (property number: 2567), registration number 2054, dated 1400/8/30,

8- Chehrabad salt mine wool fabric piece 7 (belt), (property number: 2157), registration number 2055, dated 1400/8/30,

9- Pea-colored earthenware bowl with two decorative handles (property number: 2655), registration number 2056, dated 1400/8/30,

“Location: Zanjan province, Zanjan city, central part, Zanjan city, Zanjan Archaeological Museum and Salt Men.”

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