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Consequences of hitting children / How to be kind to children with determination?

Family group: All parents may get angry at times and lower their threshold of tolerance for their children’s misbehavior and show their frustration by shouting and aggression, or they may be upset from somewhere and throw it at the child once. Something is self-evident and certainly normal, but if this situation becomes normal for raising a child, it can no longer be considered a healthy parenting because it determines how you treat your children on a daily basis, the type of discourse and future behavior of your child. he does.

According to scientific research, shouting and yelling at children has a negative effect on their nervous-cerebral and emotional systems and reduces their self-confidence. Children who grow up loudly are more likely than other children to suffer from mental disorders. And are physical.

Shouting at children may calm them down for a few seconds or minutes, or even turn them into isolated and isolated children, but it does not solve the problems and has far more negative effects on them. The fact that you are at work from morning till night, you are tired, you do not have the patience to play with the child, you can not tolerate the child’s growth conditions and curiosities, the behavior and eating habits of the children and their playfulness, is still not a good reason play.

Your anger and aggression can become a normal behavior for your child in the future. Aggressive children are generally raised in nervous and aggressive families who do not know healthy relationships and the right kind of discourse. It is rare for an antisocial or aggressive child to have calm and firm parents as a child.

So when quoting a child educator, remember that mothers are your number one job of raising children and giving your child a good feeling, and fathers are your number one job of giving your child security and comfort, so control your emotions. .

Generally, the shouting of children does not end here, and sometimes it is accompanied by verbal insults and punishment in the future, which will have more negative effects, from anxiety to aggression of children.

In the continuation of this report, we will discuss some of the effects of yelling at children’s heads, so that you know that some of the behaviors that occur in your children as adults are the fault of the parents themselves.

1. Your child does not listen to you?

You may yell for your child to listen to you: Sit, do not, do not go, do not touch, do not eat, do not look at your friend like that, etc. But you should know that in appearance, you may get results in the short term due to pressure. But in fact, after a while, your child will not listen to you anymore unless you yell at him! In fact, power in your child’s eyes means shouting, not being firm and kind!

It happens that your child shouts at his child and his wife in adulthood, shouts at his employees to do work, and a thousand other consequences.

2. Remember you are your child’s role model

Remember that you are your child’s role model. So not only do you not teach him the right behavior by shouting, but you also teach him that violence is the best way to achieve his desires.

So your child may be listening to you right away, but this is temporary listening, and you need to shout louder every day and endanger your and your child’s mental and physical health.

3. Get used to seeing and hearing violence

Your child becomes accustomed to seeing or hearing violence with your loud shouting and can not take care of himself in the community and it is normal for him to be abused by others.

This is another consequence of the fact that your child may become submissive and accustomed to saying yes because he is afraid of being hit on the head because his self-confidence has decreased.

Consequences of hitting children / How to be kind to children with determination?
Other effects of yelling at kids

So it’s not a pity for you parenting to fall into the trap of misbehaving with so much effort, so start today.

**What should we do?

1. Pause before hitting

You may say now that you do not realize that once you get angry and shout. Decide now to be self-aware, to control your behaviors, and to pause once you feel like you are going crazy. Teach your child how strong you are that you do not succumb to your anger, sometimes he pauses. Take a deep breath and close your eyes.

2- Be decisive but kind

Believe that by controlling yourself while being kind, your child will trust you and listen to you, so he or she will challenge you less and be with you more. Many of the children’s behaviors are due to the stubbornness and immorality of the parents and the negative reactions they show.

Consequences of hitting children / How to be kind to children with determination?

3. Remind yourself that he is just a child

Sometimes parents remember that they were children themselves and what they did not do, and that the person in front of them who is stubborn or throws a ball at home or does not eat is just a child. So keep reminding yourself that he’s just a kid! He needs your help. He who does not know the right behavior, you should teach him and this teaching should not be shouting.

4. Delegate

Sometimes, if you feel very nervous and out of control, you can leave your child with your spouse for hours, or go for a walk, or eat out in the air. This way you can regain control, or even a short nap can help you. To fit. Do not ignore these.

In other cases, if you still can not control your anger, be sure to see a counselor and psychologist because it is you who need a counselor, not your child. So do not constantly say that the child is aggressive and you should refer him to the child psychologist. It is better to take action yourself first.

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