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Continuation of Barakat destruction project / Why the claim of “paying one billion dollars for Iranian vaccine” is false

Fars News Agency Health Group – Unrealistic speculations to analyze the reasons for the acceleration of the general vaccination process are not complete. Some of these claims are so out of line with logic and fairness that it may be closer to right to ignore them. But sometimes a much simpler response to the same mental fantasies can equip public opinion in the face of such destructive news that has eroded public confidence. Rumors of the Barakat vaccine being pre-sold to the government in the amount of one billion dollars! This is one of the latest claims. The news was published on the social page of Shargh newspaper yesterday and has caused many reactions so far. In this report, it is stated that Barakat has received a fee of 200,000 Tomans for each dose of vaccine from the government. It has received billions of dollars from government funds and credits, and this has been cited as the reason for the previous government’s reluctance to import vaccines. .

*** The arrival of blessings in vaccination away from economic goals

The corona pandemic took on the color of a crisis as the vaccine industry in the country was left in a three-decade slump. It was at the end of 1398 that the vaccine manufacturing project started in Barakat Pharmaceutical Company. Specialists were recruited, each with a history of research on super-acute respiratory viruses. Entry into this field was defined far from economic goals due to the conditions of sanctions in the country. Pre-clinical studies of this vaccine lasted for 9 months, and after 3 months full of accidents, the Food and Drug Administration, as the main reference for vaccine approval, issued a permit to continue the clinical trial phase. It was in the third phase of these studies that, with the approval of the officials of the Ministry of Health, the Coveberc vaccine succeeded in obtaining an emergency injection permit.

Continuation of Barakat destruction project / Why the claim of "paying one billion dollars for Iranian vaccine" is false

*** This production line continues to operate without charge

According to the documented statements of the officials of the Ministry of Health, so far no contract has been signed for the government to pre-purchase the vaccine from Shafa Pharmed Company. Vaccine production lines continue to operate without receiving the slightest amount from the government, and the process of producing and distributing vaccines by this company continues. Currently, several million doses of this vaccine have been delivered to the Ministry of Health and no payment has been made to Shafa Pharmed.

*** A claim story that is more like a joke

A report published in the Sharq newspaper on 23 September 1400 against the 24-hour efforts of the Barakat vaccination group also made a false claim that the government had pre-purchased the Barakat vaccine for more than $ 1 billion. The trustees of Shafafarmad Company, while expressing regret over the spread of such rumors that undermine public trust without providing a document, have responded to this claim: “As the officials of the Ministry of Health have repeatedly stated, so far no amount has been paid by the government. It has not been paid to Shafafarmad, and the claim of pre-selling several million doses of the vaccine to the government for $ 1 billion is a complete lie. “These false and untrue statements of an uninformed person with political goals and published in the Eastern daily show that some people inside, in unison with the foreign media, are trying to destroy the achievements of the scientists and toilers of this region.”

Continuation of Barakat destruction project / Why the claim of "paying one billion dollars for Iranian vaccine" is false

Certainly, the publishers of these false claims do not know enough about the amount of one billion dollars in Rials, but it is good to answer this question based on these baseless and undocumented statements and tell people how a government that never reached a billion dollars at the height of the crisis Pay the allocated foreign exchange fund to the Corona management headquarters. Could he have allocated $ 1 billion to the Barakat Foundation for the pre-purchase of the vaccine?

*** Assigning this figure in news silence is impossible

So far, Shafa Pharmed has succeeded in producing ten million Covid vaccines, of which more than 5 million 200 thousand doses of vaccines have been delivered to the Ministry of Health, and the rest of these vaccines will be delivered to the Ministry of Health after the quality testing process. So far, no amount has been paid by the government to Shafafarmad to produce this amount of vaccine. The publication of such claims in the domestic media will only lead to the distrust of the people. There are many questions about these unrealistic claims, but the most important of them revolve around the fact that, assuming that this news is not true, how did such a transfer of such a large amount of money from government funds to Shafafarmad Company take place in pure news silence? How is it possible to deduct such a large amount of government credit, whose many economic problems were obvious to everyone, and not be heard by any media, and senior government officials are reluctant to buy vaccines because of the amount they have paid? Such a thing is impossible and impossible, and the spread of such baseless lies can only deprive the people of this media and increase the lack of trust in the society.

Continuation of Barakat destruction project / Why the claim of "paying one billion dollars for Iranian vaccine" is false

*** What are the purposes of spreading these rumors?

What is certain is that the acceleration of the vaccination process in the current fledgling government is not to the liking of the dissident media and some critics of the current government with a partisan background. These baseless claims, which are not backed up by any document, will soon be taken out of the spotlight. There are several proven ways in this area. The head of the Food and Drug Administration, rejecting the claim about the pre-sale of Barakat vaccine, says that the reasons for speeding up the vaccination process these days are: “The presence of the head of the Central Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the head of the Program and Budget Organization and the head of the Red Crescent Society with departments that can facilitate the import of vaccines has accelerated the import of vaccines.”

Continuation of Barakat destruction project / Why the claim of "paying one billion dollars for Iranian vaccine" is false

“Dr. Mohammad Reza Shanesaz” continues by pointing out that the removal of barriers to the import of vaccines has been pursued in these meetings: “The removal of barriers to the import of vaccines has been on the agenda of various relevant departments. “The necessary licenses have joined the production jirga, and this could be promising for promising days to curb the coronavirus in the country.”

The Deputy Minister of Health continues by denying the baseless news about the pre-sale of domestic vaccines and the change in the policies of the Ministry of Health: “The published news about the pre-purchase of vaccines from domestic companies such as Barakat is not true at all. “Pre-purchases have not even been made in Rials, and the audience of these media outlets needs to know that this false news is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Continuation of Barakat destruction project / Why the claim of "paying one billion dollars for Iranian vaccine" is false

*** Consonance with dissident media for political purposes

This is not the first time that some domestic media, in unison with dissident media, have attempted to destroy the valuable achievements of local scientists in the collection. It would be naive to assume that these media speculations do not follow through and end up here, but what is clear between these false claims and the market of baseless allegations is the misuse of mainstream and dissident media such statements. Comments are superficial. Social trust is recognized as the first national asset in any country. The media should take steps to strengthen this capital and, in the first instance, by following the principles of professional media, refrain from publishing any kind of undocumented news and reports. The media should only come from political and factional disagreements with the current government, and their inadvertent concurrence with the media, which has always wanted these proud people to remain in maximum hardships and sanctions, should not add to the pain of this great nation.

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