Continuation of complaints about the car lottery process / confusion of sales plan winners

According to Tejarat News, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade with the aim of increasing “transparency”, the registration process for car purchase and participation in the lottery from car manufacturers to Integrated car allocation system Has transferred.

Applicants had the opportunity to register in this system from 27 May to 2 June. The lottery was held on the 9th of Khordad. But from the beginning, there were challenges along the way.

On the one hand, some users were not able to register in the integrated system in the first days of the one-week deadline.

However, the Ministry of Silence claimed after the news was published in the media: “There is no disruption in the registration process of the applicants in the integrated car allocation system and the registration process is going on without any interruption.”

The ministry called the announcement a “system disruption by negative media outlets aimed at undermining the policy of creating transparency in the supply of cars.” But there were many complaints from users about the challenges in this system (for more information, read these reports: Is the start of the integrated car allocation system / site disrupted ?, Reactions to disruption in the car sales system and system problems Car sales are still strong.)

On the other hand, while it was announced that this deadline would end on the 3rd of Khordad, it was practically possible to register until the 2nd of Khordad.

The registration deadline in the system was supposed to end on the third of June, but it was stopped on the second of this month.

Results announced late

However, in about a week, more than four million people signed up for 15 sales projects. A lottery was held on Monday, June 29th.

The winners were to be announced at 9 am on Tuesday, June 31st. But in the middle of the day it was announced that this issue has been postponed to tomorrow (today).

The day was still in the middle, but there was no announcement of the winners of the car. Finally, the names were announced when it was past 2 p.m. Individuals could refer to Integrated car allocation system Be informed of the result of the lottery.

Despite these complaints, the process of drawing lots and announcing the winners continues. The winners of the lottery also have ambiguities about the continuation of the deposit process.

Tejarat News yesterday published two reports entitled “Car Lottery Results” and “How long do car winners have the opportunity to pay?” Published in this case. You can read the opinions of some readers about this below. All comments are posted on the site after the names of the winners are announced.

Complaint about the “lottery” method

Some audiences are critical of the lottery method used to buy a car.

“There is no lottery. I have three children. Is a car obligatory for someone who is a couple or one who has three children? Prioritization does not work. “With the lottery system, without prioritization, the rights of many are lost.”

– “I am registering ten times. I also registered the population youth plan for 5 rains. “Every time I do not know what to say.”

“There is corruption in all stages from the production to the supply of the car. This is from the lottery and the announcement of the results of a site that does not even have the ability to open an account.”

“Is there really a lottery or are we the people in charge?” This time we registered at least 3 members of the family 20 times, oh my God, shouldn’t one of us win? “I myself doubted these lotteries.”

Increased compassion?

The Ministry of Silence has announced that the aim of the new lottery method is to increase “transparency”. But some Tejarat News readers are skeptical of achieving this goal.

– “Do not give a car that has transparency. They offered 176,000 cars to four million applicants, or 3,800 cars. They have a shortage of supply, the only way to import is to fill the gap. As long as the demand is a few hundred times the supply of the bus, nothing will be right. Only brokers make bags, and those whose names appear in luck can not keep the country by chance. Eighty percent of them also sell the car to a dealer. “They do not hold on at all because of its profit. The problem will not be solved until supply equals demand.”

– “Rejoice in this transparency. sham on you. “Hello.”

– “Previous lotteries showed at least online lotteries. Number of cars offered The number of registrants in each model showed the list of winning codes. This time, to ease themselves, you did not win. “There really was no need for such transparency. Thank you to the authorities.”

– “From the beginning, the site was not able to edit the mobile number, which is surprising. “Transparency has not only not increased, it has decreased.”

Confusion of the winners

In the meantime, some singers have won the car lottery, but are skeptical about continuing the process and depositing money. There is no specific explanation on the site of the six car companies present in this system. Only Iran Khodro and Saipa have written that the winners can pay within three working days after the sale plans are prepared.

– “I won 25 times after registering, but I did not receive a text message from Iran Khodro asking me when I should deposit money!” He did not write anything on my site! Does anyone know? “I am afraid of losing it this time.”

“I won. Mothers, what should we do next?”

– “I won. I have a question for those who won. Please answer this. Is it not possible for you to register the car you chose on your Iran Khodro website?” “Because I entered the national code in the integrated system and just wrote,” Congratulations, you are one of the selected ones, but when I entered the Iran Khodro website, it is not in the query status of the car lottery that I last registered. “

“Now we have to wait until Saipa announces that we will enter the site to deposit money?”

“Sir, I won, but I was very confused. Why does no one specify a date accurately? Iran Khodro site has neither specified a date nor allowed the deposit.” “This site says you won, but Iran Khodro’s site does not show anything.”

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