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Course content related to the death of Imam Khomeini and the June 6 uprising – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting Relationships General of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, June 5, is reminiscent of the heavenly ascension of the great founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, who in these difficult times Country He called for justice against the evil Pahlavi regime and global arrogance, and also commemorated the beginning of the bloody uprising of the people in 1342 and the beginning of a movement that led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the following years.

Addressing the biography and introducing moral, national, religious patterns and models in the educational content is part of the teaching and learning process that has been tried in our country’s education system. Important By dealing with different aspects of the lives of the pure Imams and their manners and character should be well considered. Therefore, in order to raise awareness, introduce the early models of Islam, Imams (as) and the life style of these nobles, prominent personalities of the Islamic civilization and the contemporary era; Textbooks are adapted for different age groups.

In this regard, in 5 textbooks and 8 lessons and content, including the seventh grade Persian book entitled Lesson Imam Khomeini (RA); Fourth grade social studies textbook; The ninth grade social studies book and the twelfth grade history book (3) entitled Lesson Imam Khomeini and the election of the Supreme Leader; History Book (3) of Iran and the Contemporary World Lesson June 6 uprising; These issues have been addressed.

Interested parties can visit the virtual exhibition section of the organization’s library and documentation center website See the content provided.

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