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Creating 2,500 industrial jobs this year / the need to create an economic consulting chair in parliament

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, quoting the House of Iranian Craftsmen, Seyed Alireza Bani Hashemi in a meeting with a group of experts, craftsmen and members of parliament at the headquarters of the house Industrialists“With the growth of the industry and production sector and the 12% share of industry in the country’s economy, we believe that the country’s craftsmen and producers, due to the existing potential, can achieve the 20-year vision document and the economic leap and the remaining four-year opportunity,” he said. Play a role.

He, 8500 members of the house Industrialists He called Iran a support for creating new job opportunities and removing barriers to the production sector in the country and added: “During the last 8 months and with support and backing Industrialists The country, 2,550 new jobs created and created with the help of banks and the return of banking resources, set the cycle for the production of strategic goods.

He took some measures to transfer technology, supply resources and develop export markets Industrialists In the country, he pointed out and said: “With the help of the private sector, good relations and cooperation have been established with 15 countries, and with specific financial mechanisms and a platform developed by the house.” Industrialists Created today and witnessed a good role in the sanctioned atmosphere Industrialists And we export the products of some producers to 46 countries of the world.

He also stressed the need to activate advisory seats in parliamentary commissions and added: Effective laws in the manufacturing sector, such as the removal of gold signatures and the facilitation of licensing, were among the main demands of producers, and it is hoped that with the promulgation of these laws, producers will enjoy the benefits.

The head of the house Industrialists Iran while emphasizing the need for parliamentary oversight of existing laws as one of the demands Industrialists Country, to enter this industrial complex into topics such as digital industrial networks and hub Smart agricultural and commercial and the discussion of self-sufficiency and wheat production and the design of the tax platform in the country pointed out and stated: In the discussion of self-sufficiency and wheat production, using technology by farmers and Craftsmen Seed breeding has been done. It is predicted that if wheat cultivation is implemented under this management, we will not need to import wheat within the next year and we will be the exporter of wheat in the next 2 years.

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* The need for government attention to increase the value of the national currency

Also Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the House Industrialists Referring to the consequences of the growth of liquidity in the country, Iran said: “One of the serious issues that has caused incentives to invest in the manufacturing and industrial sectors in the country, is the growth of liquidity and devaluation of producers and investors.”

He said: In the current situation, the new government is expected to try to increase the weight of money and direct capital to the productive and industrial sectors in the country, instead of reducing the amount of liquidity in the country.

Mousavi emphasized: “Unfortunately, in recent years, due to various problems and the printing of unsupported money, the weight and value of the national currency has practically decreased, and for this reason, it is recommended.” At least 30 to 35 percent of government resources and surpluses in the Property Organization, as well as machinery in warehouses and unused property and land owned by the government, should be converted into cash, and the government should activate the punch machine instead of printing money in the country. .

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the House Industrialists Referring to the irreparable damage caused by the flood of liquidity growth and the devaluation of the national currency on the country’s industry and economy, Iran noted: It is expected that the proposals presented by the new government will address this issue.

* Growth of 27,000 times the volume of liquidity in the last 50 years

Gholamreza Mesbahi-Moghaddam, a member of the Expediency Discernment Council, also said at the meeting: “The growth of liquidity in Iran has increased about 27,000 times in the last 50 years, and in such circumstances one can not expect the stability of the national currency in the country.”

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He said: “Since the last 50 years until oil entered the Iranian economy, we have experienced a growth in liquidity in the country.” This trend is not specific to the last four decades, and precisely since 1351, when the weight of oil in the country’s budget increased, we have been suffering from a budget deficit and liquidity growth in the country.

Emphasizing that the country’s budget should be freed from oil, he clarified: Although Oil is a good gift for the country, but the conversion of oil revenues into budgets has become a curse of resources in the country.

A member of the Macroeconomic Commission of the Expediency Discernment Council noted: “If oil revenues are allocated to the production and export sectors, a very good thing will undoubtedly happen in the country.”

Mesbahi Moghaddam pointed out that major Most The current problem of the country is the budget deficit of the government, he added: the financial indiscipline of the governments and on the other hand the monetary indiscipline in the banks, especially in the private banks in the country has caused the current situation.

According to him, For financial discipline in the government, the government budget in terms of revenues and expenditures must be balanced and proportionate.

He added: “Unfortunately, in recent years, governments have often had unbalanced and unbalanced budgets instead of creating a balanced budget, an issue that has always left governments with budget deficits.”

Also a member of the Expediency Council Calling for a stop Borrowing from the central bank and added: “This decision is based on policies that are objectively necessary because the growth of liquidity due to borrowing from the central bank is the main cause of inflation and devaluation in the country.”

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