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Mehr News Agency, International Group – Ramin Hossein Abadian: Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently told the Times that Iran is at the most advanced point in its uranium enrichment capability and that its cabinet is unable to counter it. The senior Israeli official stressed that the “Star Wars” model should be used against Iran in order to counter it.

“Star Wars” is a strategy used by former US President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s against the Soviet Union. In fact, Star Wars refers to the “American Strategic Space Defense Plan.” This statement by the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime means that the Tel Aviv authorities want to confront Iran’s missile power and its peaceful nuclear program through space and cyber war.

The Israeli Prime Minister has previously spoken of the “death with a thousand wounds” model and now the “Star Wars” model for confronting Iran. As mentioned earlier, the former president of the United States made the same choice for the Soviet Union. This is while the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime had previously spoken of another model for confronting the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this regard, he had emphasized in his speeches that the “death with a thousand wounds” strategy should be used against Iran.

Naftali Bennett presented the strategy to US President Joe Biden. This strategy involves confronting Iran by combining very small actions on various military and diplomatic fronts.

In fact, Bennett had told Biden that the international community could, somewhere in a direct military confrontation with Iran, put pressure on it on various political and military fronts and deliver the final blow.

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Bennett’s remarks in the first place indicate that the Zionist regime has come to the conclusion that it is incapable of confronting the Islamic Republic of Iran militarily and directly. Therefore, the Israeli Prime Minister’s emphasis on the need to resort to “Star Wars” is in a way his acknowledgment of the military and security superiority of the Islamic Republic. With these remarks, Bennett actually acknowledged that the Zionists are incapable of even confronting Iran for a while.

Bennett’s remarks against Iran itself confirm his acknowledgment of Tehran’s military and security superiority; These statements have more domestic consumption than operational support Another point of Bennett’s remarks is that he has called on the United States and the international community to put the “Star Wars” model on the agenda in the face of Iran. This dimension of Bennett’s remarks also shows that he himself is well aware that the Zionist regime does not have the strategic depth to implement such a model. Currently, the Zionist regime in the north and south is under siege by the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance.

Based on what has been said, it can be concluded that Bennett’s occasional remarks about new patterns of confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran have more internal consumption than executive support for the Zionist regime. He has made every effort to convince the Zionist community that he has better plans to confront Iran than Netanyahu!

This is happening while Bennett is following Netanyahu’s previous policy in the form of a new literature and new words. This shows that he has pursued exactly the same failed policies of Netanyahu towards Iran, with the difference that he is trying to present these policies to the Zionist society in new guises.

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Deciphering Bennett's words / from

What seems clear is that Bennett has not offered the Zionist community anything new about the recent threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran that Netanyahu was pursuing earlier. Thus, as noted earlier, a cursory glance at Bennett and Netanyahu’s stances against Tehran shows that we are faced with “a different path and two different literatures.”

Zionist PM intends to involve Arab countries with Tel Aviv in adventure against Tehran Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime is also seeking the attention of the Arab countries. He intends to unite the Arab countries against Iran.

The reason for this is that in recent years, US officials have not been influenced by the statements and provocative actions of the leaders of the Zionist regime for fear of the dangerous consequences of any adventure against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Therefore, the Zionists believe that the Americans did not cooperate with them as they should in dealing with Iran. Of course, it must be said that this lack of cooperation also stemmed from Washington’s full awareness of the dangerous consequences of confronting Iran. However, to fill this gap with the United States, Israeli officials are looking to Arab countries to join them against Iran.


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