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Cultivation for the protection of children and teenagers in dealing with addiction

According to the Fars news agency’s education department, Following the joint meeting of the CEO of the Children and Adolescent Intellectual Development Center, Hamed Shamgati, with Alireza Kazemi, Deputy Secretary General for Cultural Affairs and Prevention, Development of People’s Partnerships, and Treatment of the Anti-Narcotics Headquarters, it was decided to sign a memorandum of understanding between these two centers.

The cultural empowerment of the teachers of the center, the formation of the “Life Helpers Center” and “providing diverse products” in order to protect children and teenagers will be the three main axes of this memorandum.

Hamed Shalgati, the CEO of the center, praised and emphasized the cultural point of view of the anti-narcotics headquarters in the field of security and social issues: Today in the country, one of the most important and sensitive issues is the addiction of women to drugs. Our country is in an area that can be the place of passage of convoys carrying this deadly product. In addition, some neighboring countries are the center of cultivation of this product.

He added: On the other hand, one of the enemy’s tools is to use drugs to make the youth and young generation of the society ineffective, and the enemy spends money on drugs. In the Law of the Sixth Development Plan, Article 63, Clause “e”, it is specified that the center should focus on its activities in deprived areas, especially in the field of books and reading. Our mobile buses and mobile theater will be active on the outskirts of cities and informal settlements, and by concluding this memorandum, we can directly and indirectly respond to the cultural concerns of the headquarters.

The CEO of the Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents stated: Cultural activities directly or indirectly prevent social damage, and we will be serious with our cultural productions, such as book production, animation, teacher training, etc.

He asked his deputies to quickly determine the contents of this memorandum, which will be drawn up between the Center and the Narcotics Headquarters, in cooperation with the representatives of the Anti-Narcotics Headquarters.

In this meeting, Alireza Kazemi pointed out that social harm is one of the most important concerns of the Supreme Leader, and stated the statistics of the number and percentage of drug users in the country and its level in the society, especially among students and the existence of drug addicts. : Addiction is the first harm and the mother of all the founding harms of families, which itself becomes the cause and effect of many harms and the source of many petty crimes in the country. This question is raised, how many people’s peace in families are endangered by this number of addicts?

The deputy head of the anti-narcotics headquarters added: Every year we have a large number of martyrs in the fight against narcotics. So that we have had nearly 4,000 martyrs and 12,000 veterans so far.

He continued: Today, drugs are very complicated both in terms of production and transportation and consumption. With the development of virtual space, access to these materials has become extremely easy. Consumption patterns have completely changed and moved towards industrial drugs. Also, the average age of drug use in our country has reached 24 years. This is due to the fact that globally the average age of consuming these substances is 19 years. Women have started to use these substances at a high speed, and the pattern of consumption has also been extended to children.

Kazemi clarified: In this situation and with these complications, the government and the sovereignty alone will not be responsible and we are witnessing a fundamental epidemic in this field, and if we are going to control one or two devices alone will not be responsible. We should all move together with the popularization approach and have synergy in this field and be able to create this national feeling in the people.

The Deputy Secretary General for Cultural Affairs and Prevention, Development of People’s Partnerships and Treatment of the Anti-Narcotics Headquarters emphasized: We are focused in education and education to fight in this field in two areas, the association of parents and teachers and children and teenagers. Of course, the personality of every person is formed before elementary school. For this reason, we believe that the center for the intellectual development of children and adolescents, as an important part of the education system, can be very effective in this field with its valuable networks.

He added: Of course, the type of children’s literature in the field of social harm is different from what happens in elementary schools, high schools, and universities. The Center can act in this direction with coherence, support and detailed planning. Especially since the center has the best libraries and this capacity is very large and valuable. Compilation of specialized books, cultural and artistic activities of the center can help to produce valuable works in this field. An empowerment program for all the coaches of the center should be designed and implemented at the country level, and specialized content should be developed for the coaches in this field.

Kazemi said: Of course, mobile libraries can be involved in providing educational justice, but besides this, it is important to hold cultural and artistic festivals under the title of Life Helpers Festival, a reading competition with the help of education at higher levels related to the topic, and the formation of a center for life helpers with a focus Social and communication skills will be part of these activities, which we hope will be followed in the form of a joint memorandum.

The Deputy Secretary General for Cultural Affairs and Prevention, Development of People’s Partnerships and Treatment of the Anti-Narcotics Headquarters stated: We have changed the literature on the fight against drugs, and this topic is called “Life Helpers” in all fields, including prevention and treatment. We follow and have formed the “Assembly of Benefactors of Life Helpers” under the chairmanship of Ramzan Ali Sangdwini, the representative of the people of Golestan in the Islamic Council, as the “Assembly of Benefactors of Schools” and we hope that with the cooperation of you and other good-minded people, we can learn and work together.

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