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December 19 is the beginning of a great jihad/ the strategy of the false current is to hide or diminish the days of Allah.

According to the report of Arya Heritage, at the same time as the anniversary of the history-making uprising on January 19, 1356 in Qom, a group of people from this city met the leader of the revolution by attending Imam Khomeini’s Husseiniyya (RA).

The most important axes of the revolutionary leader’s statements are as follows:

* The commemoration of the 19th of December 1956 is repeated every year. It must also be continuous. In the future, this light must continue. Why? Because the incident was a major transformational incident, it was not an ordinary incident. Keeping alive the transformative events of history is everyone’s duty.

* Why do we say that the 19th of Qom is a transformative and historical event? Because it is the beginning of a great jihad. From here, a great Jihad began throughout the country, the goal of which was to pull dear Iran out of the West’s digestive system. Iran, which was crushed under the hands and feet of the distorted and wrong western culture and under the political and military domination of the west, should pull this out, make it independent, and revive the historical identity of Iran. The historical identity of Islam and Iran is Islamic Iran.

This Islamic identity of Iran was lost. If someone came, he would walk in the streets of Tehran, not only in Tehran now, in many other cities, even in some places of our Mashhad, if someone walked, he would not feel that this is an Islamic country, that a Muslim people lives here.

* The strategy of the false current is to hide or diminish the days of Allah; His strategy is not to let such days and incidents survive and shed light. According to the false front, these days are often hidden or even denied. The 22nd day of Bahman is hidden, the 13th of Aban, the 19th of December, the 9th of December, the 29th of Bahman, the Tabriz case, the funeral day of Martyr Soleimani, the day of Martyr Hajji’s funeral, these are all the days of Allah. They want to hide this. Each of these is a torch that must be extinguished in terms of the false current, the false current that is in front of you, in front of this nation, in front of this revolution does not light these torches, they must be destroyed, extinguish the torches.


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