Details of the 600 million mortgage loan

According to Tejarat News, the ceiling of housing construction facilities has recently increased by 33% to 600 million Tomans. The ceiling in 12 cities is given to professional builders who use new technologies.

ایسنا The government reported that due to rising housing construction costs and an annual growth of 40 to 50 percent in the price of roofing materials Mortgages Increased. In 1400, the ceiling of housing construction facilities was 450 million Tomans. The ceiling of this facility has reached 600 million tomans per unit this year.

The 13th government has begun a plan to build four million housing units in four years as part of the National Housing Movement. It is said that the construction of these residential units will be left to the private sector. In this way, if the government can increase the annual production of housing from about half a million current housing units to about one million units, it will be somehow successful in its macro-policies in the housing sector.

Experts believe that the experience of Mehr Housing, which after about 15 years is still not completely completed in some parts of the country, shows that the government should refrain from direct involvement in construction. On the other hand, the private sector does not have very favorable conditions.

On the other hand, the government has announced the construction price of the units of the National Housing Movement in the last update of 4.5 million Tomans per square meter, which the builders believe can not advance the projects with these amounts and the costs are beyond these figures. Therefore, it seems that increasing housing construction facilities can be an alternative solution for the growth of construction in the country.

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Mahmoud Shayan, CEO of Maskan Bank, says in this regard: The ceiling of these facilities is divided into three groups according to the demographic classification of cities. In each group, depending on whether the builder applying for construction facilities uses new construction technology in construction or not, and also depending on whether the builder is professional or ordinary (non-professional), the facility ceiling is determined differently.

He stated: In the credit package of this year’s housing boom, the ceiling of housing construction facilities is different for 12 cities: “Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Karaj, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Qom, Sari and Rasht”.

The CEO of Maskan Bank added: “Also, 550 million Tomans of facilities will be paid to non-professional builders who use the new construction technology in their project for the construction of each residential unit.”

He explained: In the mentioned cities, professional builders who do not use new construction technology will be paid 500 million Tomans and other builders will be paid 450 million Tomans without construction deposit.

Shayan specified: in other provincial centers and cities with a population of over 200,000, the facility ceiling is in the order announced for the builders of the first group, with the amounts of 500 million Tomans, 450 million Tomans, 400 million Tomans and 350 million Tomans per residential unit. It is payable.

According to the news website of Bank Maskan, the CEO of Bank Maskan added: “Also, in cities with a population of less than 200,000, the ceiling of facilities in the four mentioned cases is 450 million, 400 million, 350 million and 300 million Tomans, respectively.”

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Shayan said: “It is expected that according to the new policy of financing the construction and production of housing, a significant part of the construction costs of the housing unit will be covered by the new facilities of the Housing Bank.”

The CEO of the Housing Bank added: “This package will help increase housing production in addition to the quota for the construction of one million housing units per year in the country’s cities, and ultimately solve the problem of targeting the target population in the country.”

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