Disruption of the useful brokerage trading system

According to Tejarat News, Mofid brokerage was disrupted for the second working day, and the brokerage has not provided any specific information about these disruptions on its website until the preparation of this report.

Surveys show that the brokerage system of this brokerage is very slow and shareholders can only review their trading portfolio for a few moments after a lot of effort. On the other hand, most shareholders say that this disorder or some kind of regiment lasts until 10:30 am, after which it becomes easier to enter the trading panel.

Some capital market experts attribute this beneficial brokerage disruption to the slowness of the trading core, while others attribute this to a systemic problem.

With the disruption of the brokerage trading system, shareholders suffer huge losses. On the other hand, it is not possible to complain about the disorders of trading panels in the stock exchange organization.

We have to wait and see what a useful brokerage will say about the cause of this disorder and how it will satisfy its customers.

Shareholders’ losses increased!

– Behnam Samadi, a capital market activist, wrote on Twitter: “The strange thing was the disruption of useful brokerage, which has become a systematic risk for the market. For two consecutive days, the brokerage’s clients could not trade during trading hours. “Do we believe all these events are coincidental?”

Other users have left their comments:

– “Useful brokerage, which is definitely useful like its name, but it means useful in wasting customers’ rights.”

“A useful brokerage has several billion daily income from commissions and loses billions of tomans to the stock exchange and shareholders every day it regroups.”

“Today, Mofid brokerage was very annoying. Until ten o’clock. You could not enter, nor did the support phones answer. After ten o’clock, the market was negative and nothing could be done.”

The audience of Tejarat News also protested against the useful disorder and wrote: “I was miserable today, Mofid contributed to our misery”

“All these disruptions in brokerage are intentional, this is another kind of theft of this group from the pockets of the affected shareholders.”

– “Useful intentionally disrupts the system.”

“If the problem was at the core, all brokerages would have to be disrupted. The problem was only from the useful system and not the first time. “Until his clients move to other brokerages, you will not see any positive change, not even a simple announcement.”

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