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Education considers itself obliged to support hymn groups – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, the Ministry of Education’s Ministry of Education issued a statement following the message of the Supreme Leader regarding the importance of hymn groups.

This statement states:

Now, in the 40th edition of the Cultural and Artistic Competitions of the Ministry of Education’s Ministry of Education, we are witnessing the presence of 24 selected male hymn groups and 53 selected female hymn groups from among more than 2,400 hymn groups from all over the country.

The final stage of this competition will be held in the first week of August and the best national anthem groups will be introduced.

According to the emphasis and wise guidance of the Supreme Leader regarding the use of art tools, especially hymns, in the educational process of children and adolescents, the Ministry of Education Vice-Chancellor considers itself obliged to provide comprehensive support to student hymn groups and encourage all students to Wide participation in this heartwarming and impressive activity is invited.

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