How many years should we work to buy a 30-meter house?

According to Tejarat News, the production chamber of “Special Regulations” for the constructions of Tehran city – Article Five Commission – recently issued a permit for the construction of housing with an area of ​​30 to 35 square meters in the worn-out context of Tehran.

as the world of economy According to the report, the implementation of this project can lay the foundation for the construction of about 25,000 residential units of about 30 square meters in the southern half of the city.

How much should be spent to buy 30 meter units?

According to Tejarat News, according to the latest report of the Central Bank, the average price of buying a house in Tehran is about 40 million tomans.

According to this number, every buyer must pay about one billion and 200 thousand tomans to get these 30 meter units.

How many years should we work to buy a 30-meter house?

This year, the minimum salary of workers has been set at 5,600,000 to 5,700,000 tomans. A person with this amount of salary has to work non-stop for about 214 months, equivalent to 17 years, to buy a 30-meter house.

According to the economic world, the content of this plan shows that in the form of special criteria, two red lines for residential construction in the worn-out tissues of Tehran have been cleared. One is overseeing the provision of minimum parking for buildings and the other is related to the ceiling of the number of floors (building density) in small and very small plots.

This is the special criteria for the renovation of worn-out tissues of Tehran, whose area reaches more than four thousand and 400 hectares. This texture is scattered in all regions; But most of them are located in 10 areas in the southern half of the city, including areas 10 to 19.

Forecasting the housing market and price

Meisham Mehrpour, a housing expert, told Tejarat News about the challenges of the housing market: Iran is one of the few countries that faces both the problem of reducing the supply of housing and the problem of empty houses. There is a demand for housing, and on the other hand, there are surplus houses that do not match these demands. In order to solve this imbalance, in addition to increasing production, the government must also create this balance between supply and demand.

He said about his prediction of this market: in the field Housing The minimum price increase is expected to be proportional to the general inflation. But it is unlikely that we will see a price jump until the end of the year.

Read the latest housing news on Tejaratnews housing market page.

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