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Examining the “Comprehensive Plan of Empowerment of Women Heads of Households in Tehran” in the Shura Hall

According to Fars report, Alireza Nadali stated that the 120th session of the Tehran City Council will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, January 20 of this month, and said: In this meeting, an informed and empowered representative of the Tehran Islamic Council will also be a member of the Policy and Planning Council. A researcher of Tehran Municipality will be selected.

He said: The selection of informed and full-authority representatives of the Tehran Islamic Council to be members of the committee for the implementation of study and research projects and activities is also on the agenda of the council members, and also the comprehensive plan for empowering women heads of families in Tehran will be reviewed.

In the end, Nadali said: the project “Amendment of Commission Secretariat processes, Article Five (5) of the Law on the Establishment of the Supreme Council of Urban Planning and Architecture of Iran and its subsequent amendment” will be reviewed with the approach of balancing public and private interests.

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