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The return of 3 sports complexes of Tehran Municipality to the activity cycle/reopening of the closed complexes is on the agenda

According to Fars report, in order to provide optimal sports services to the citizens of Tehran, the complexes of “Imam Ali” (Suhank) in District 1, “Fateme Al-Zahra” Salamullah Aliha in District 11 and “Shemiran Gate” in District 12 were reopened.

The resumption of these collections is in line with the statements of “Hossein Ojaghi”, CEO of Tehran Municipal Sports Organization.

He announced the reopening of all sports complexes by the end of this year and said: 40 out of 50 closed complexes have been reopened and we hope that no sports complex under the coverage of Tehran Municipal Sports Organization will be closed by the end of this year.

The reopening of other closed complexes is still on the agenda of the sports organization and will be announced in the coming weeks.

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