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Exporters’ foreign exchange supply in Nima exceeded $ 3.1 billion

According to Fars News Agency Central Bank Public Relations; The supply and exchange of exporters’ currency in the Nima system shows a growth of about 90% compared to the same period last year.

Salehabadi, Governor of the Central Bank, also stated that foreign exchange earnings from exports, especially in the oil field, have been received: “Foreign exchange earnings from exports, especially oil exports, have been received, and in April we saw a good situation in the field of foreign exchange earnings.”

The Governor of the Central Bank, emphasizing that we have no problems in the foreign exchange market, pointed to the allocation of $ 11 billion in foreign exchange in April this year and said: “Fortunately, compared to last year, we have achieved a valuable and acceptable position in foreign exchange allocation.”

Salehabadi also clarified: the organized foreign exchange market is in a good condition and prices are well stable in the Nima system. Therefore, we have no problem in providing foreign exchange resources.

It should be noted that in April 1401, the country’s trade balance surpassed the value of exported goods by $ 3.7 billion compared to imports, and became positive at $ 756 million.

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