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IPhone repair was made possible by users in the United States

Apple announced last year that a new plan would allow users to repair their iPhone and Mac at home. Now Apple has recently activated this service in the United States, which currently only includes آیفون‌ها It becomes. However, according to previous rumors, the service will also include Mac models that use M1 series chips.

According to published reportsSince last year, Apple has provided more than 200 original parts and tools for repairing the iPhone 12 and 13 series, and of course the iPhone SE 2022. Despite this plan, users are able to access the desired parts through its dedicated website IPhone repair Order yourself to be sent to them. Also, if users do not have special tools to repair their device, they can use the “Rent equipment for repairing Apple products” plan.

Cost of Apple iPhone repair service

IPhone repair was made possible by users in the United States 2

However, users will be able to order various parts such as display, battery, speaker, camera modules, SIM card slot, etc. through this iPhone repair service. According to Apple, the price of these parts varies and prices may change depending on the model preferred by users. However, the cost of using this subscription for each week, $ 49 Has been announced.

However, Cupertinos recommend that only people who have experience repairing similar electronic devices use this repair service, otherwise you may run into trouble. Although the parts in this plan are covered by the warranty, but the mistakes made in the repairs The user’s responsibility will be.

Apple plans to service its iPhone and Mac in other areas as well European countries Also activate. It is speculated that some Asian countries will join the plan in the not-too-distant future.

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