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Extension of the call for the press competition of the Association of Theater Critics, Writers and Researchers

According to Fars News Agency, the deadline for calling the 21st annual press competition of the Association of Theater Critics, Writers and Researchers was extended until the end of office hours on Saturday, July 1, 1401.

According to the announcement of this association, enthusiasts and activists in the field of press, websites and news agencies in the field of theater can, as in previous periods, submit their works in the sections of report, dialogue, notes, critique, article, translation and photo to the postal address of this association in Tehran. Send PO Box 164-15615 (Mr. Mohammad Rasool Sadeghi).

Applicants are also required to complete the relevant form at the end of this call, and then attach their work, in an envelope and enter their personal details, full address of residence and landlines and mobile phones. On it, post to this forum. The works of the applicants who have not filled in the competition form will be excluded from the competition process.

The following points are mentioned in the text of this call:

1) The framework of this competition is only theater; Therefore, applicants should refrain from submitting their written works in other artistic fields.

2) Content submitted by media activists working on websites and news agencies must be signed and approved by the editor or secretary of the cultural and artistic group, and the document must be attached to the submitted content.

3) The deadline for submitting applicants’ works is the end of office hours on Saturday, July 1, 1401.

4) The works of the applicant for participation in this competition must be published during the year 1400 and the name of the author must be included.

5) Works that do not have a name or a pseudonym are not accepted by this association.

6) The maximum submission of the work of the applicants to participate in the competition, in each section, will be only three works and selected by the applicant; Obviously, in case of submitting more than the requested number of works, the secretariat of the association reserves the right to delete the submitted works at will.

7) The secretariat of this association will accept only the original or copy with the desired quality of content in A4 or A3 format; Accordingly, applicants should refrain from sending the full version of additional publications and pages.

8) The materials submitted by the applicants will not be returned in any way.

9) The Association of Theater Critics, Writers and Researchers has no responsibility for the legal ownership of the submitted works and it will be the responsibility of the applicants to participate in the competition.

10) Respected photographers do not need to fill in the competition form at the end of the call, and it is enough to send their works to the secretariat of the association as desired (color or black and white) and in 18 قطع 13 (printed). Applicants for the photo section are requested to refrain from captioning and mentioning their names on the back of the photos and note that the photos submitted must be based on media applications and must be from performances and performances staged during the year 1400; Obviously, sending works via e-mail (email) or CD (file) or file (flash) is not acceptable and the number of submitted photos should not exceed four pieces. Also, restored photos or Photoshop are not accepted by the secretariat of this contest.

It is noteworthy that in this competition, the submitted photos, in addition to the aesthetic aspects of the art of photography and its relationship with theatrical art, will be judged from the perspective of media and press applications.

11) In addition to filling out the participation form in the competition, applicants must help the association’s secretariat in the correct distribution of materials by attaching a orientation sheet; For example, if a work is applying for the “Critique” section, the word “Criticism” should be inserted on the attachment sheet; Obviously, if this clause is not observed, the secretariat of the association is allowed to separate the works in different orientations and there is no objection.

12) In the translation section, works that have been published in written or virtual media under the name of the author are accepted.

13) The original content that participates in the translation section must be attached to the main content from which the translation was made. (Means to provide translated or Persian text along with the original or English text.)

14) The presence of at least 6 works or a participant is the minimum accepted works to start the competition in each section. For example, to start the competition process in the notes section, the presence of 6 works or 6 applicants forms the competition.

15) In the interview section, news interviews are not accepted; In this contest, the purpose of the interview is to form the question and answer process by the interviewer and the interviewee.

16) The article section includes content that has a journalistic, scientific, research, research and analytical aspect in the field of theater.

17) The performance of media activists in the two fields of audio-visual media (radio and television) and the performance of publishers active in the field of theater, based on a review of their quantitative and qualitative performance during 1400, will be done by the board of directors.

18) This year, as last year, the Association of Theater Critics, Writers and Researchers, with the intention of supporting research activities in the field of theater, will select the best researcher of the year 1400 through the supervision of the Board of Directors and will be honored at the annual ceremony. .

19) The announcement of the final results of this competition will be after the judging process and simultaneously with the annual ceremony of the association.

20) For more information, interested parties can call 09373805390 (Ms. Zohreh Fazli) during office days and hours.

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