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The show’s union council was re-formed

According to Fars, quoting the General Department of Public Relations of the Cinema Organization, the meeting of the Screening Guild Council was held yesterday, Sunday, June 20, with the presence of Manouchehr Shahsavari, CEO of the Cinema House, Habib Ilbeigi, Deputy Director of Evaluation and Supervision, Habib Ismaili, Representative of the Broadcasters Association, Homayoun Asadian , Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh, alternate representative of the Distributors Association, Mohammad Ahmadi, representative of the Producers Union, Reza Zarei, alternate representative of the Cinematographers Association, Hashem Mirzakhani, CEO of the Cinema City Institute, Seyed Ali Tabatabai Nejad, representative of the Cinematographers Association, Reza Saeedipoor, representative of the Cinematographers Association and Ruhollah Sohrabi, Director General of the Office for Supervision of Film Release and Screening, was held at the Cinema House.

In this ceremony, the main and alternate members introduced by the cinema classes were introduced by the deputy of evaluation and supervision of the organization and then, while introducing the new members of the council and presenting the rulings by the deputy of evaluation and supervision, about the current conditions of cinema and screening necessities. Potential and actual threats took place in front of the cinema.

Also, after presenting the point of view of the representatives of the cinema organization, the representatives of the guilds also presented their points of view and suggestions to improve the production and screening of the film. Tuesday تاریخ to be held at the Cinema House.

Bilateral and constructive interaction between the guilds and the cinema organization, the organization’s special support for the screening works, the central justice in determining the films, and… were among the topics raised in the first meeting of the Screening Guild Council in the new era.

The meeting of the new council of the show was postponed due to the delay in introducing the representatives of the guilds, which was finally held today, Sunday, June 20, 1401, in the presence of all members at the cinema house.

In addition, in the absence of the Screening Guild Council, the Screening Strategic Council was temporarily responsible for deciding on the screening and introduction of films, which, with the formation of the Guild Council, henceforth, reviewed its main task and mission and created effective solutions. In meeting the needs of the show, proposing supportive methods for screening movies, planning the screening of films produced during the Corona era, strengthening and developing the domestic market of Iranian cinema, protecting the rights of Iranian cinema audiences, paying attention to the country’s hypothetical priorities in planning and editing Screening regulations و will pay.

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