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Fathers and mothers of the world unite / “be sensitive” so that our teenagers are not bothered by media content

Life group: Soodabeh Ranjbar: Early on, when these musics came up with repetitive words in society, many of us did not stop working on this hypocrisy and said, “Daddy, what are you so sensitive about? Now our teen or child has downloaded meaningless music! True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. We do not care; A fever is so important that children do not think it’s important! That’s coming and going! ” Honestly, I was unaware of what trap was spread for our family and teenagers; But now that we understand what? Are we indifferent now? Ever had your child physically abused, for example by someone harassing him on the street? How are you? Do you confuse earth and time? Be careful, this will only heal a small wound on our child’s knee, but the emotional pain will last for years. Do we care about our teenager listening to awkward music? Please be a little sensitive to the music our children hear. By launching the “Be Sensitive” scan, the Kodomo site of the Tebyan sub-category is trying to invite concerned families to support the teenager in order to be sensitive to the download of any media product for the child and adolescent. Therefore, we arranged an interview with “Sajjad Samani”, the manager of Kodomo website, to tell us about the launch of this scan and the access of concerned parents to this scan. Join us.

* How does the media attack target our children and adolescents?

In families with children and adolescents who are under attack by media products. The rights of children and adolescents are not considered in principle. Most media products are not age-appropriate for children and adolescents, and there is no appropriate mechanism for the rights of children and adolescents in providing these products. Some of these products are even produced to violate the rights of children and adolescents and to intentionally jeopardize the security of children and adolescents’ media. We often see media products produced from abroad in the form of a film and music, and they touch on teenagers precisely, and in social representation, they constantly provoke teenagers to listen to this music.

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* So far, what steps have been taken to make these harmful products transparent?

As we know, every year as soon as these works are published. We just remember that there is such a thing and we start, for example, we launch a limited action that has an expiration date and it is quickly forgotten until the next time another anomalous content is produced again.

* What task has “Kodomo site” taken on in neutralizing these media products?

The Kodomu site, which was originally developed to guide families in choosing media products. He also tried to invite media experts and psychologists in the presence of concerned parents to work together in a club so that they could use appropriate media products for families with adolescents. These families often care about how they interact with adolescents. They are very concerned about the media consumption of their teenagers. The concern of mothers and fathers is how to interact with their teenagers now? What can be done to make the media harms of these filthy and unhealthy products less annoying to their children and adolescents? How to defend the rights of adolescents against this attack? At the same maternity and family appointments, and incidentally with the presence of counseling experts, we found that these families feel very helpless, that is, they have a lot of worries, but they do not know where to go. This motivated us to make Kodomo more active so that the club could spread a protective umbrella over parents so that their children would be less exposed to the harms of media products.

Fathers and mothers of the world unite / "be sensitive" so that our teenagers are not bothered by media content

* Now, which special activity has your site started under your supervision to deal with these products? Explain in more detail?

We launched a “Be Sensitive” scan in which we asked families to make their voices heard by those who are axing the roots of child and adolescent rights. Our goal in launching this scan is to tell families about media content. That children and adolescents consume should be sensitive. Do not think that this music is just for fun and has no effect on our child and we can not do anything but the family can be powerful.

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* How can families participate in this scan?

We even asked concerned educators to film themselves with a mobile camera and produce the content that “I’m a parent or educator doing ‘something’ to take care of my child’s media health.” It is up to the parents to choose this “job” which can be included in this sentence, for example, saying: I do not listen to the content of this media, or saying that I am a friend of my child, or explaining that my child consults me in consuming media products, and other sentences. Finally, tell us to be sensitive. Record this video in 15 seconds and send it to the numbers introduced on Kodoomo site.

* Can parents and anyone concerned about participating in this scan upload it on social media?

Yes, we must be sensitive on social media by writing to show how powerful the Iranian family is and will not remain silent if its teenager is attacked. Of course, this is a good start to protect the rights of children and adolescents, and the next steps are ahead.

* What other process can be considered by launching this scan?

Another important work that this scan leaves can motivate domestic content producers and lead the artist in a direction that produces good work for teenagers, and here this scan can be the speaker of our artists who have the right content to offer.

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