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Growth of 1073 units of Tehran Stock Exchange index

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, Tehran Stock ExchangeAfter falling 27 thousand units yesterday, today in the first hours of trading was accompanied by a downward trend, but after that it started a growing trend and finally at the end of trading with an increase of 1073 units to 1,515 thousand and Reached 383 units.

Also, the total index with today’s homogeneous criteria reached 419,064 units with a retreat of 941 units. The market value of the Tehran Stock Exchange reached more than 6 million and 10 thousand billion tomans.

Today, traders traded more than 5.5 billion shares, preemptive rights and securities in the form of 388,000 items worth 3549 billion tomans.

Today, the overall index and the price index strengthened by 7%, but these two indices decreased by 22%. The free float index rose 7 percent, the primary stock market index rose 9 percent, and the secondary stock market index rose only 4 percent.

Today, the symbols of Isfahan Oil Refinery, Persian Gulf Petrochemical, Tehran Oil Refinery, Pardis Petrochemical, Gol Gohar, and Nouri Petrochemical had the most increasing effect on the stock index and the shipping symbol had the most decreasing effect on the stock index.

The situation was not suitable in the OTC market of Iran today, and the total index reached 20,838 units with 15 retreat points. The value of the first and second OTC markets of Iran reached more than one million and 172 thousand billion tomans. The value of the OTC market was 355 thousand million tomans.

Today, traders traded more than 2.7 billion shares, pre-emptive rights and securities in the form of 388,000 items worth 4387 billion Tomans. With this account, the value of transactions in the two markets reached about 8 thousand billion tomans.

Today, the symbols of Ariasasol, Bahman Diesel, Manifestation of Mining Development, and Negin Software System had the most increasing effect on the stock index, and Dana Pharmaceutical Symbols, Cultural Heritage Investment Holding, and Iranian Reliance Insurance had the most decreasing effect on the OTC index.

According to Fars, based on the announced information, Tepsi Internet Taxi Company will be offered in the OTC market of Iran soon.

Given that people have had a great deal of interest in the stock market since 1999, but after the market collapsed in August of that year, some small shareholders became frightened and withdrew their investments from the market at a loss, but at the same time the government must avoid small investors. Welcome to the market, because leaving the transparent capital market causes stray capital to go to the coin, currency or even cryptocurrencies market, where the market is extremely risky and uncertain, where the losses of money entering these markets are greater than money entering the stock market. Therefore, it is better for the government to support the capital market and invest in this capital market in order to make companies transparent and the income of individuals.

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