Sales plan without car lottery / price difference with the market

According to Tejarat News, despite the huge accumulated losses and debts and the low quality of products, car manufacturers continue their sales plans. Now Iran Khodro and Saipa are going to sell some of their products car Offer without a lottery. But which cars are included in these plans? How much are the prices of these cars different from the market?

Last week, Omid Qalibaf, a spokesman for the Ministry of Silence, announced yesterday that 15 sales plans would be held without a lottery. He said: “These 15 sales plans were announced in the first period of offering the integrated system with less than the announced capacity.” As a result, there will be no lottery to sell them (IRNA). According to the official, Iran Khodro, Saipa and other automakers will be present in this project.

According to Tejarat News, Saipa This project has started on the second Thursday of June. Register in this project until the capacity is completed Integrated car allocation system continues.

To know the cars that Saipa offers in this turn of sale and the difference between their price and the market, which products are subject to sale without car lottery? Read.

Iran Khodro Also, the registration circular in the sale plan without lottery car Posted on your site last night. This sales program will start at 10:00 AM tomorrow, Monday, July 27, in the integrated system and will continue until the capacity is completed.

Other automakers have not yet commented on the site.

Sale plan without car lottery

How many Iran Khodro products in the market?

According to Tejarat News, the question is how much are the prices in this sales plan different from the market?

Looking at this price difference, it can be estimated that if nothing special happens in the market, buyers will receive a significant rent at the time of delivery.

Hand Tara

One of the cars whose name is on the list when registering in this pre-sale plan is Tara Dasti.

The prepayment amount for the manual container is set at 118 million Tomans.

The price of Tara manual factories is 293 million and 708 thousand tomans and this car is in MarketIs priced at 466 million tomans.

Automatic container

Buyers can also choose the automatic tare in this sales plan.

The prepayment amount for this automatic container is set at 166 million Tomans.

The factory price of this product is 415 million and 673 Tomans, and this car is in MarketIs priced at 590 million tomans.

Denaplus Turbo Automatic Charging

Applicants can also purchase the Denaplus Turbo Automatic Charger in this sales plan.

Buyers must pay 144 million and 500 thousand tomans on account.

The factory price of this product is 398 million and 229 thousand tomans, and this car is in MarketIs priced at 507 million tomans.

Denaplus manual turbocharger

Applicants for the no-lottery car plan for mothers can also choose the Denaplus Turbocharger with 6-speed manual gearbox and electric steering wheel in this sales plan.

Buyers must pay 159 million and 500 thousand tomans on account.

The factory price of this product is 360 million and 483 thousand tomans and is similar to this car in MarketIs priced at 489 million tomans.

Factor and market price difference

These figures show the price difference between the factory and the market when registering in this Iran Khodro plan.

Sellers, Hand Tara About 172 and sell automatic containers probably about 174 million tomans more expensive than the factory.

This difference for Denaplus Turbo Automatic Charging reaches about 109 million Tomans.

Also, sellers will probably sell the Denaplus manual turbocharger for about 129 million tomans more expensive than the factory.

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