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Hajj Qasem’s girls gathering in Azadi Stadium / We are the girls of Soleimani school! + Video

Life group:According to the Fars News Agency Life Group, on the eve of the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Sardar Delha Haj Ghasem Soleimani, a large gathering of Haj Ghasem’s daughters is being held at the 12,000-seat Azadi Stadium from 9:00 AM. Haj Qasim’s daughters came together to show their love for Soleimani’s school and to shout that they will always be proud of their spiritual father.

It is worth mentioning that on January 4, a national and main ceremony in honor of Sardar Delha will be held in Tehran’s prayer hall from 2:00 PM with the presence of all sections of the nation.

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