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Handicrafts play an important role in the employment of men and women in Baharestan

According to the tourism reporter of Fars news agency, Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi added on Thursday to the people of Baharestan city: There is capacity and possibility in various fields and efficient human resources in the country, and it should be done in a way that with the flourishing and promotion of scientific activities Durability should be done.

He stated: A strong Iran is realized with strong production and industry, a strong Iran is with strong women and men, which is formed by effort in production, work, and effort to be on stage on time, otherwise Iran is dependent.

The president pointed out: Our whole effort is to ensure that people are not dependent on food, employment and production, we have land, capacity, water, soil and air, although there is little rainfall, but it is possible to plan to depend on basic goods. not to be

Ayatollah Raisi continued: The government’s plan is to not allow rent-seeking and corruption to exist in the country, and all plans are to cut off the hands of corrupters and rent-seekers from the country. In this direction, they may attribute some words to the government, there is no problem, we prepared ourselves to listen to any words.

He added: The foundation of the government is to cut off the hands of profiteers, rent-seekers and people who want to interfere with the treasury and the interests of the country, and we will cut it off, and there is a plan for that.

The President reminded: We hope that with the cooperation, assistance and presence of the people on the scene, the government will fulfill its tasks, we believe in the words of Martyr Soleimani that we can, this is our slogan.

The head of the executive branch pointed out: Some people say it is not possible, they harass, foreign powers create restrictions and embargoes, but in front of such people, we look at the martyrs and their families who stand like mountains and have proven that They stand by the revolution and their values ​​and have failed the enemy in the field.

He continued: Greetings to you people, women and men, who are not only 40 years old, but in every field we look at, you are at the feet of the revolution and the system. They will not allow the enemies to create sedition and conspiracy for Iran and this field will become the enemy’s hotbed.

The president said: Today, our greatest pride is serving the people, this pride that should be appreciated by God who provided the ground for us to open a knot and do something.

Ayatollah Raeesi emphasized: The officials should not spare any effort in solving the problems of the people, so that the people feel that their problems have been solved, and anything that delays the work of the people should be avoided.

He added: We should sincerely thank you people for failing the enemy and let the enemy know that with all the audits he is doing, his calculations here turned out to be wrong, while these people offered great martyrs and stood in different fields. They will not allow Westerners to conspire in Iran for their interests; Standing against the enemy is a great honor that you should always be proud of.

The head of the executive branch added: Baharestan is a city with a high density of people who have gathered here from different parts of the country, and a city has been formed, but the people are not an extra burden for the people of Tehran, but sometimes they also carry the burden of the people of Tehran.

The President noted: The revolutionary nature of the people of this city is a huge capital that the cultural affairs custodians should know that this is a big capital that protects the people against all harm.

Ayatollah Raisi reminded: Today, people are producing in this region, and it is an honor for Baharestan city that they are active in the field of bags and shoes, wood and metal industries. Statistics show that not only men but also women are engaged in handicrafts. They have made their profession in this area.

The President said: “We do not have urban services that are suitable for the population of this city, and the first plan I saw when I arrived in Baharestan was a hospital that should have been built 6 years ago, but people are still waiting for this medical center to be activated.”

He pointed out that the work of this medical center should be followed quickly so that we can meet the serious need of the people for medical centers in Baharestan, and I emphasized to the managers present during the visit that the work should proceed quickly and in step First, within the next one year, people will witness the solution of the treatment problem in such a way that the treatment needs of this region will be met.

Ayatollah Raisi continued: Another point is the issue of population, the people of this city have large families.

The president said: “We don’t have enough facilities in the country, this population, especially teenagers and young people, who are the capital of the country and should be taken into account, while it was announced that we do not have enough schools and educational centers, which was approved by the administrative council. At least 150 classrooms should be built in this city with the speed of 10 schools.

Ayatollah Raeesi announced: Another issue that is necessary for the health of the body and soul of the people and the youth is sports halls, so that the gyms that can provide the field for youth sports should be placed on the agenda and followed with speed. .

The President stated: It was decided that the projects needed by Baharestan in the fields of agriculture, production, communication ways, and the belt should be carried out quickly so that the next time we travel here, we will see the fulfillment of these basic needs with the participation of the people of this city.

He added: We come to these areas to hear people’s concerns and concerns. I believe that it is not enough to follow up on issues by seeing a letter. My policy is to go among the people and areas. It is possible to sit in the office and receive reports, but listening who was like seeing

Ayatollah Raisi reminded: As a servant of the people, it is my honor to be among the people and to touch the problems of the people closely, so that the follow-up will speed up and the people will feel that something has been done for them.

During this one-day visit, the president was accompanied by the head of the president’s office, Gholamhossein Esmaili, the minister of education, Yusef Nouri, the minister of sports and youth, Hamid Sajjadi, the minister of roads and urban development, Mehrdad Bazarpash, the vice president for women and family affairs, Ansieh Khazali, and Mohsen Mansouri. Executive Vice President, Maisham Latifi, Vice President and Head of Administrative and Employment Organization, Alireza Fakhari, Governor of Tehran, representatives of the Islamic Council, Friday imams and congregations and officials of Baharestan city are accompanying.

Earlier, the president visited the cities of Islamshahr, Pakdasht, Pardis, Quds, Mallard, Shahryar, Varamin, Qarchak, Peshwa and Rabat Karim and made decisions to solve the problems of these areas.

Baharestan city with a population of more than 750,000 people, three cities of Nasim Shahr, Golestan and Salehieh in the southwest of Tehran province is one of the densest cities with the smallest geographical area in the country.

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