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Hey! No one reads history/Zero to 100

Fars News Agency – Department of Education: The historical campaign is the title of a national reading competition for the 80s to get familiar with what happened in the history of colonialism by reading the 15-volume collection of Mehdi Mirkaiai’s books titled “The History of Colonization”.

These books are a complete and readable narrative about the history of colonialism in the whole world; What is the background of the world’s great powers and what lands have they plundered?

Poish Heis Tori with the slogan “Erase your Heis Tori!” It is a descriptive and psychological narrative from the 400-year history of colonialism until about 80 years ago; In these books, the adventures that the ominous phenomenon of colonialism has created in all parts of the world are mentioned, and teenagers between the ages of 11 and 18 can win millions of prizes for this exciting adventure by participating in this campaign while reading the book and learning about the dark corners of history.

To find out the details of this teenage reading campaign, we sat down to talk with Mehdi Sharifi, the secretary of this campaign.

** The narration of the name of Histouri

* Let’s start the first question with the name of Poish, why are you?

The word “feeling” is ambiguous; On the one hand, this word in English means history, and on the other hand, it refers to the history of colonialism and its painful disasters, which is considered one of the dark corners of the world in the last few centuries. A part of history that the colonialists do not want to reveal the truth and prefer to always remain silent. Their behavior when faced with the issue of colonialism is similar to saying “hiss!” to others. And in fact, it refers to the silence that the West and the colonial powers have always had regarding their past.

This is the same 400-year history in which the West tried to dominate the world by looting, oppression, killing and gaining wealth, and today, knowing what it has brought to the nations, it suppresses history and says, “Hey! No one should read the history and do not raise his voice.

* Why do participants have to delete their identity to participate in this campaign?

The slogan “Erase your feelings” means that regardless of any orientation of his mind, the teenager has heard about the West and its progress, and even the backwardness of other countries, and should listen to the narrative of history without any mental background to know that What kind of history have today’s advanced countries gone through until today they have dominated the world like this, and then after hearing these stories, teenagers can make a more correct judgment about these countries.

** The reading of historical books increases

* What happened to form the idea of ​​”His Tori” movement?

The primary basis for the formation of this book reading campaign was in the direction of intellectual, cultural and social nourishment of teenagers in confronting the western culture and the hidden face of colonialism.

* What is the purpose of creating this survey and what is going to happen?

This campaign seeks to use the language of art and books to raise awareness and culturally feed the youth of the history of colonialism and translated books, now the virtual space and western media advertisements have led to the tendency of the 80s generation towards western culture, which these types of campaigns It helps to recognize the face of the world.

“Histouri” campaign is not only reading books but activism so that 12-18-year-old teenagers from the 80s can participate in this national event and engage in activism and producing works of art in addition to reading books.

This campaign will help in increasing the amount of reading of historical books that deal with the formation of modern slavery with a neutral and non-partisan view, and illuminate the dark and hidden corners of the West.

Introducing the nature of the West to the youth makes today’s audience understand the achievements of Islamic civilization and the growth and success of our country in various fields with independence from Western domination.

** Eighties in Histouri

* What age group is this survey intended for?

“Histouri” campaign is not only reading books, but activism, so that 12-18-year-old teenagers from the 80s can participate in this national event and engage in activism and producing works of art in addition to reading books.

* Are there any resources for students to study?

This research revolves around the 15-volume collection “History of Colonialism” written by Mehdi Mirkaiai, which discusses the history of colonialism and what colonial countries have done in the world in the past 400 years.

The 15-volume collection of colonial history includes books such as Journey Beyond the Seas, Wolves Sleep with Open Eyes, Manhunt, Bloody Cross, March of Tears, Cuckoos Have No Nest, Journey of Diamonds, Looking for Caddy, Breaking the Church, Treasures of Kalat, Buds of Fire , the big game, the story is not over yet, the prison graduate and empty handed queen.

* Where should teenagers go to participate in this campaign and prepare books?

To participate in this campaign, teenagers can refer to the system and prepare the books in PDF format online, and after reading the book, take part in the exam and take action in four formats, making a podcast or writing a photo, drawing a comic, and illustrating. or provide an expert opinion.

In this way, everything from color and glaze, design and literature is suitable for the atmosphere of teenage age, and before the start of the campaign, the designs have been tested many times and finalized as a pilot.

Also, the participants in this survey will learn about each other’s opinions, productions and actions by forming a dialogue space, and as a result, each audience and user will receive a score that will be the basis of the ranking table for receiving awards.

The price of the 15-volume physical version of this book is about 600 to 700 thousand tomans, and in cooperation with Surah Mehr and Mehrak publishing houses, the electronic version is offered to the audience at a price of 79 thousand tomans, which is about 90% cheaper than the price of the physical and paper version. Is.

* Why are the books not provided to the public for free?

The first point is to support the author and the publisher, and the second point is that we don’t consider reading books for free as a good strategy. Therefore, books are available to teenagers at a very cheap price.

After buying the book and after studying the test, the teenager can do the book up to three times in the same platform; The test is completely designed in a teenage atmosphere.

** Prediction of 4 formats in scanning

* What actions have you taken to attract teenagers?

In this way, everything from color and glaze, design and literature is suitable for the atmosphere of teenage age and before the beginning of the campaign, the designs have been tested many times and finalized as a pilot.

In this campaign, after participating in tests designed with a teenage tone, the student chooses to do one of the four art forms as an activism form, or make a podcast, or write a photo, or make a comic drawing and illustration. Or design a poster, or give an expert opinion. For each book, he can perform one of these four actions, and he can give an expert opinion for all books. It is possible to like and dislike other people’s comments like in all social networks.

* What is the competitive environment and awards for teenagers?

In this system, the space for exchanging opinions and participating in tests has been designed so that in a calm and competitive atmosphere, teenagers can be active while reading books.

The Hays campaign started on the 8th of December and will continue until the end of April 1402. If the applicants are welcome, the second season of this campaign will be held for the summer and after June exams

Also, a game on the His site has been designed in such a way that it allows the audience to convert the points obtained from participating in this survey into discounts for swimming pools and cinemas and buying other books.

This plan is included in this club in such a way that even if the audience buys a book but does not win the lottery, they can benefit from the discounts by accumulating their coins and the cost paid will be compensated in some way.

** Millions of awards

* What are the survey rewards?

The first 50 people of this campaign will receive prizes of 5 to 40 million Tomans without a lottery, and 1,500 prizes including laptops, cameras, etc. will be awarded to the participants of the campaign by lottery and based on their ranking.

* What institutions are involved in this campaign?

To implement this campaign, we entered into a dialogue with education; With the cooperations, it can be said that education is the flagship of this campaign. Also, cultural institutions such as art field, Union of Islamic Associations, Student Mobilization, Advertising Organization, Tehran Municipality, Public Libraries Institution, Student Organization and active organizations and Aqeeq House have a significant contribution in this campaign.

* What is the deadline for participating in the reading campaign?

The Hays campaign started on the 8th of December and will continue until the end of April 1402. If the applicants are welcome, the second season of this campaign will be held for the summer and after June exams.

* How many teenagers have joined the campaign?

Within a month, more than 40,000 students registered on Powish website.

We have 70,000 members on social networks and 35,000 registrations on Powish website, and nearly 8,000 book volumes have been sold. More than 1,060,180 pages of 15 book volumes have been read in 1,590,270 minutes, which is a significant number.

* How effective will this campaign be in identifying Islamic civilization, forming the thoughts and views of teenagers towards the identity of the West?

In order to familiarize teenagers with Islam, Islamic civilization and the front against imperialism and colonialism, we need intellectual nutrition and the introduction of various books and cultural advertisements in the virtual space.

We must talk about the achievements and benefits of the revolution, before the West imposes its culture on the young generation, until the mind of the audience is filled with the achievements and aspects of propaganda that came out of the Western media, we can no longer explain the existence of Islamic civilization to them. Let’s prove

This campaign, without any guard and valuing the history of this West in the form of a story and in the language of the teenage generation, explains to the audience what was the reason for the wealth of some countries or what was the plan of the colonialists to subvert and enslave other countries. Kashi was accompanied.

This 15-volume collection of the history of colonialism has removed the veil from the face of the colonialists in a simple and fluent language. Also, the supreme leader of the revolution said in the gathering of elites and top academic talents on October 27 that “I recently saw a book written by one of our authors (Mehdi Mirkyai) ) writing, in the name of history of colonialism; Fifteen and sixteen volumes of the 150-page book are 120 pages; It explains how colonialism was able to destroy their wealth and enrich themselves in America and Asia. England was not rich, France was not rich, European countries were not rich; They took the wealth of other countries.”

Definitely, this familiarity and activism is necessary for the 80s in today’s world and will help to improve their culture.

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