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“Hijab and Chastity” is a rational and natural solution – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr reporter, Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad Qalian delivered this week’s Friday prayer sermons in Kalpoosh, hosted by Hossein Abad Jami Mosque, saying that a believer sometimes reaches a stage where he sacrifices his life for the sake of Islam and for the sake of God, which is very acceptable and its dignity is mentioned in the Qur’an. has been done, he emphasized: But sometimes a believer reaches a level of understanding that he offers a sacrifice in the way of Islam and for the sake of God.

He stated that the greatness of Hazrat Umm al-Banin (pbuh) is also in this sacrifice, and added: This is the place and place where the martyr general Hajj Qassem Soleimani kissed the feet of the martyr’s mother who sacrificed herself for the cause of Islam. Therefore, the distinction between mothers and wives of martyrs Martyrs themselves, in life and death They are martyrs Is. If the martyrs died, the mothers and wives of the martyrs lived They are martyrs have.

By stating that Martyrdom is a concept that has life and it depends on the people to what extent they can benefit from this greatest and sweetest divine gift, the Imam of Kalpoosh said: In a society that talks about martyrdom and seeking martyrdom, there are fewer martyrs because With the culture of martyrdom, the spirit of valor and courage increases and the strength and invulnerability of society increases.

Qalian further considered hijab and chastity as a rational and natural way of covering and said: Hijab is a rational way before it is a rule of Sharia, which has been approved by the Holy Sharia, as well as the verses of the Holy Quran as the main source of Sharia rules in addition to the principle of veiling. In the details of this intellectual ruling, they are also in accordance with it, because in Surah Mubarakah Noor, after assuming the principle of covering for all mankind, first in verse 30, he specified the limits of covering for men, and then in verse 31, he stated the limits of covering for women.

He stated that covering up is a natural desire and man is created in such a way that he does not like nudity and his inner nature and tendency is to cover up, he added: Covering is an “inherent beauty” for humans and nakedness is an “inherent ugliness”. Also, a person naturally likes and respects knowledge, honesty, loyalty, etc., and hates ignorance, lies, and betrayal, and rejects them. ugly Knows.

The temporary imam of Kalpoosh also said: The reason for the “inherent beauty” of the veil, which we refer to today as the hijab, is that from the very beginning of creation until now, human beings have considered the observance of body covering not only a good and praiseworthy thing, but also a It is considered obligatory and necessary.

In conclusion, Qalian said: Even today, you can see that with lies and propaganda war, they weaken morale, change the place of martyrs and executioners, force people to remain silent with pressure and threats, purify the infamous Pahlavi family, save America and the West. They introduce the country, weaken and mock divine decrees to achieve their own goals.

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