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How many World Cup games does Sports Radio broadcast live?

According to Fars news agency, as the 2022 Qatar World Cup approaches, the football fever in the country is heating up. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are getting ready to follow the biggest football competition in the world.

In Iran, many people are waiting for the start of the World Cup so that they can learn about the latest news about the present teams, especially the Iranian national team. Sports radio network has made extensive efforts and planning to reflect and present this event.

Of course, sports radio with the program “The twenty-second cup“The World Cup was welcomed much earlier and this program started working from the second half of July this year for half an hour from 8:30 in the morning.

Providing statistics and information from the history of the matches, introducing the teams present in the World Cup, reviewing the technical and statistical information and the promotion conditions of the 32 participating teams, analyzing the preparatory games, important information and news related to this event are among the main approaches of this program.

Ahmadreza Taheri is the producer and Arash Asadi is the narrator.The twenty-second cupare in charge.

Mehdi Azarmekan, the manager of Sports Radio Network, announced other programs of the network on the eve of the World Cup and said:Morning and exerciseAs a precursor to the network’s programs, it deals with the World Cup for 20 minutes daily. Program “fandomon Thursdays andgreen house“with the news section”What about the World Cup?welcomes this great event.

Program “In addition to exerciseDuring this time, he deals with the surrounding issues of this global event. The design of the national team’s uniform, cultural actions during the competitions, how the fans are present in Qatar and promoting the correct culture of fans with an emphasis on national unity and cohesion are among the approaches of this program.

first lineIt is also associated with the news sections and various aspects of the World Cup. Specialized programWhat about football?» It will reflect the news and exclusive analysis on the broadcast schedule during the matches and during the intervals of the matches.

At “evening meal“On a daily basis with a humor section, the program”Always with exercise“by analyzing, criticizing and reviewing issues related to these competitions and”news clubIt will accompany the listeners by summarizing the games.

Emphasizing on broadcasting 56 out of 64 matches live, he said: “We cover most of the matches live through the 92 MHz FM wave of Sports Radio and Iransada software; Of course, with the start of the competitions of the network programs from 13:00 to 1:00 in the morning, at least 12 hours of the day will be dedicated to broadcasting reports, providing technical and expert analysis.

At the end, Azarmekan announced the launch of the National Award for short radio productions for the World Cup and stated: This national award is titled “To the end of life for IranIt is held in order to produce programs with an innovative and creative approach based on the capabilities of Islamic Iranian sports and the presence of the Iranian national football team, and with the aim of empathy and unanimity of the people of Iran. This national award consists of two main and public parts. In the main section, enthusiasts compete by producing mini-features, PSAs and announcements, and in the popular section, they compete with productions such as radio podcasts, photos, sentences, and fan slogans. Of course, the participants can see the call on the sports radio network website.

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