How much of Tepsi shares will be initially offered?

According to Tejarat News, the second Tepsi press conference was offered on the OTC market today. Tepsi is going to be the first startup in the capital market to be initially offered, and the CEO of this company announced the amount of initial supply of Tepsi.

Milad Monshipour, CEO of Tepsi, said at the beginning of the meeting: “The capital market has great potential for digital companies.” Geographical development for Tepsi is one of our most important plans for next year that requires investment.

He explained about the initial public offering of the company: The initial public offering is planned in such a way that the initial public offering is five percent and the shareholders have an obligation to return all the income to the company. After that, the second offer will be by way of foreclosure, which is to return all the financing to the company.

Increase Tepsi revenue

Regarding the country’s travel capacity, the CEO of Tepsi said: “The capacity of five to six million trips in the country is still empty, which can be used and specifically Internet taxis can absorb it, so the size of the market is still large.” There is a need for investment to achieve this. The decline and disappearance of the corona pandemic is affecting our income. Last summer, we had a revenue of 58 billion tomans, which reached 91 billion tomans in the winter, and is expected to reach 98 billion tomans by the end of June.

He continued: “In the past month, we have entered five new cities and provided services, and in the next three months, we will enter 13 other cities.” Last year, we had 266 billion tomans of operating income, and our forecast for next year’s operating income is 680 billion tomans of commission income. Of course, 70% of revenue comes from operating growth and 30% from rising prices.

The CEO of this internet taxi said: Tepsi is going to become a suprap and two new services, Tepsi Pack and Tepsi Line, will be added to our services.

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