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Implementation of “Baharan Khammet” project in the capital

According to Fars report, Nazari explained about the implementation of the “Spring of Service” project: due to the upcoming events such as the beginning of the spring of nature and the spring of the Qur’an (the holy month of Ramadan), the birth of Imam Zaman (A.S.) and… the implementation of the spring project The service will be implemented in order to improve the level of satisfaction in the city, upgrade and improve the quality of city maintenance and special handling of current affairs, implementation of special measures in accordance with upcoming national days and religious holidays, etc.

Nazari went on to state that this plan will be implemented in two directions and said: The special plan includes highways and the main artery, which will be implemented from January 15th to Bahman 15th for one month, and the general plan will also be implemented at the level of the region, districts and localities. It will be implemented from 1st of Bahman to 15th of March for 45 days in 22 regions.

According to Nazari, in this plan, special and specialized missions for each deputy (urban services, transportation and traffic, urban planning and architecture, social and cultural, technical and civil, and other units (organizations, companies, etc.) are defined. It has been decided that it should be completed according to the set schedule and implemented in Tehran.

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