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The mothers of the martyrs who became role models themselves / the radio tells about “Bailless Angels” – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

Mohsen Karimi, the producer of the “Balless Angels” program, told Mehr reporter about this radio program: Salamat Radio Network, with the aim of honoring martyrs’ mothers and wives of martyrs, special program “Balless Angels” centered on Hazrat Umm al-Banin (s) Pattern of patience and the faith It goes on the air.

He added: As Hazrat Umm al-Banin (s) They were models of courage, persistence and wisdom. In this program, we will examine the role of mothers who gave many martyrs to the society and how much they are role models in the field of patience and the faith They play a role in society.

This producer said: 13th Jamadi Al Thani The day of the death of the noble lady Hazrat Umm al-Banin (s) The day of honoring the mothers and wives of the martyrs has been named, and therefore, the “Bingless Angels” program will be produced especially for the mothers of the martyrs. Mothers who sacrificed their children for the sake of religion and country, and maybe some are still waiting. Or the wives who brought the children of the martyrs to order with tears and blood of their eyes and today they are proud that the child of the martyr is the path of Islam and the homeland in their arms. one And they raised alone and of course with authority and courage.

The producer of Radio Salamat said about the parts of this special program: Documentary narrative From the date of life of Hazrat Umm al-Banin (s) until Hazrat Zainab (s)a report on the defenders of the shrine and nuclear martyrs, and a conversation with the mothers and wives of the martyrs and the memories of the martyrs are among the parts of this special program.

Karimi stated: The special program of “Balless Angels” with the performance of Firuzeh Adabi on Friday, January 16th, in a special way from 9:00 for 120 minutes. F. M The 102 MHz band is presented to the audience of Radio Salamat.

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